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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Menu Sihat 2010 ;-)

As a start..here the menu of the day of today..they were just ready on the table..still hot and never touch yet..as Mr hubby was not feel like eating yet..kenyang lg kut had toasted bread with half cooked fried egg (his weekend fave)..

Here you go the menu for today's lunch..

Mustard with oyster sauce, fish ball soup, fried bean-curd with sambal kicap..doesn't it healthy..no?

Most thankful to Lady for the healthy recipe and here I come with mine..hehehe..healthy kan..and this one is for me ;-) sorry as I just change the ingredient to be put in but still following your guide..TQ sifu ~mmuah~


Lady of Leisure said...

wow.. sedapnya... sup sayur u nampak colourful.. looks yummy...

Imma said...

hehee..thanks...i think it is laa Lady...Boboy really love it..hehe,..kira berjaya laa erk to imitate your recepi..rupa jer lain..TQ Lady..

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