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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Treat for My Body Today

What else I could have instead of going for hiking to treat my body all the way in my program of reducing the measurement in size..I am just not sure whether this will worked out for me or not..tsk tsk tsk..

And what I had for today were jogging, skipping and reflexology walk..Wohho..damn bad..I was sweating like crazy after 15 minutes non-stop jogging..10 minutes skipping, 30x sit-up and walk on the reflexology walk on it's path which is about 25 ft in diameter for 5 rounds..

Yeah, really I tell you it was really feel good treat for me..Boleh kaa aku kurus..?? Weight is not the matter as I treat it is just like a number..but the concern is when it come to size..huhuhuu..I am working on getting it to be reduce..I wish..heheheee


Lady of Leisure said...

alamak i terlebih makan sudah.. baru jer sudah makan ni.. ingat malam takmo makan tapi terbabas jugak sbb i masak kueh teow ladna... kene work out balik lepas ni..

isabelle said...

hai imma,
i dont think u need to reduce the size. u seem fine. err..ke u ada hidden insulation? :P
btw, ur wedding pix kat sidebar tu so cun lah!

Imma said...

hehehe...Lady..xper xper..banyak masa lagi bole struggle..I have 6 more day left so kena kerja keras sket laa..mlm just take salad or fruits only..uhuhuhuhh..

Imma said...

Isabelle: hidden insulation..huhuu..agaknyaa kot.. :-P
Ehh..fine sbb itu gmbr2 lama rasanya yang u tengok tuh kot..tp skrg susah nak diselamatkan laa..ngeh ngeh ngeh..itu yg kena kerja keras sikit.. ;-)

Anyway..thanks..gmbar tuh 2 tahun yg lepas of coz nampak cun..tp skrg lagi cun kot..hehehe..make over tu pasal bleh nampak laen..

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