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Friday, January 8, 2010

Baby / Kids Formulated Milk

Blogging with hope to get some information sharing out by other bloggers as well as the silent readers regarding what do you think about formulated milk (FM) that you feed to your baby.

Enfagrow A+ FM
I am feeding my little boy with this FM since he was 1 y.o. Previously I was giving him Wyeth S26 Gold up to 6 months old and cont with Promil Gold until his age got to 12 months. Yes I did bf him but for some condition and circumstances, he will need to be fed with FM..tsk tsk tsk..I was failed for my target to fully bf my 1st baby but still I made it until Boboy was 7 months old.

With this new FM for him, I just don't know how to describe how much the FM is good for him so far, as he is growing up healthily even with wyeth previously. He learned, skilled and discovered a lot of things in his surroundings at all the way he grow up.

Boboy boleh meniarap at his age of 10 months. He could crawled, sit on his own and ride on his walker at early at age 5-6months, started to stand at age 9 months and learned to walk through out the month. At age 10 months he could walk (bertateh2) and steadily walk when he got to 11 months old.

Boboy is now 14 months old and in a stage of learning to talk. He at all time trying to tell something to his mom about things that he seen and imitate some of them. He could say few things that he saw such like beddd (bird), tarr (star), mooo (moon), titie (mickey and other cartoon figurines), popop (spongebob), phewww (aeroplane), thothosh (cockroach), yayyaaern (Giant supermarket!! wohhoo..!!), yeeyee (lorry), baaa (bus) and many more. The most funny part when I asked him to recite doa before drink his tuttu (susu)..nanti dia angkat tgn..doa sambil mulut pon baca..na na na naa na naaa means Allaaahumma baariklana........ :-D

He will ask for what he want, like tutu (susu), nana (ribena), num (minum, if drink from glass or cup) and he could call all the person in the house, papa, titiikk (chachik), thuthuu (chachu), tukkk (tok), tatak (kakak), aba (abang) and except me..tsk tsk tsk which previously he called his mummy as mama and now had turned to nannaaa. ~bolehlaa sayang...~

So those mama that feeding their toddler the same FM, would you wanna share your baby/kids dev or maybe you may want to say something as claimed by Mead Johnson those kids that took Enfagrow A+ FM will grow smarter..I don't know..you tell me what you think and what you had experienced as I this is my first experience of having and bringing up a child of mine..and there you are few simple description th developments of him so far ;-)

p/s: nanti Imma buat milestone for my little boy ni started from his early born up to 15 months old this coming 1 feb kayh.. ~wink~


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Imma said...

Anonymous: thanks to u too for dropped by to my blog.. :-) please welcome again some other time yeah..

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