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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ayaa Ayaa...

Of last weekend activity for me in reducing my nervousness before getting started the new week..the new day..and my new career..

ruang udara yang penuh dengan layang-layang

lepak tepi laut sambil tgk org main layang-layang

Boboy was like mils of time begging to go and see 'ayaa ayaa' from his das. (ayaa ayaa = layang-layang), so me and hubby with accompanied by my younger sister went to see people playing kite at the seaside nearby Queensbay Mall.

ramai kan...bess lepaksambil makan angin...

time for twisties..yeayy..!!

with his dad..seems so excited..nk pi mana ntah tuu..

Here now is like a season where people kind of addicted to playing kite. So at whenever we do passing by the area there will sure be people flying their kite. Jangan kata budak-budak jaa main..org-org besaq laa paling excited layan..hehehhee...aku pon dah terkemaruk jugak tp belum mula lagi laa.. :-D


Lady of Leisure said...

really like pic boboy atas batu tu..
huhu penat sungguh i ini hari.. dah malam baru sempat jengah blog kengkawan...

Imma said...

eehehehee..muka curious gila kan..but still enjoy with his twisties on hand..kekeke..

Anyway..thnks as still made your time to drop by at my blog.. :-)

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