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Monday, January 18, 2010

Singgit Tujuh Kupang Lima Det

Since subscribe to Nuffnang ads community about 2 weeks back, here what I got from Nuffnang and of course still can't be cash out yet as there was condition if you would want to cash your paid out, it must be RM51 and above..
Nuffnang is a the no.1 and leading blog advertising community in Asia Pacific and subscribing with them you are allowing them to put their advertisement from most of giant company like Celcom, DiGi, Nokia, Citibank and etc into your blog.

With that way, you will get paid from them whenever your blog been hit by reader from anywhere at anytime they clicked at the advertisement published in your blog. For further info you may want to refer to their website as well as for subscription.

p/s:Jom sama-sama support each other by clicking on the ads served by Nuffnang at whenever you are dropping by at any blog of your friend or while bloghop. TQ TQ TQ..ehehehee


L@n@ said...

dear.. lana dah bape bulan dah.. 10 hengget pun belom cecah lagi.. huhuhu

Imma said...

Lana: yer ker..alahaii..pelik plak er..i just subscribed about 2 weeks ago..and this is the earnings..tp lepas2 ni taktau la plak kan...ngeh ngeh ngeh..

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