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Saturday, January 16, 2010

What to Cook Today

I just not really in mood of cooking. Moreover I have no idea what to cook. Since I was started with my diet program about last 2 weeks, I've started like losing appetite and anything that come will less attracting my eating feel.

Unlike yesterday, even though I am not the one that will eat for lunch, but I was like really excited prepare the courses. Yang nak makan cuma mak and hubby jer pon.. Here what I had done for yesterday meal for lunch.
The main course of the day, ayam masak black pepper, but this time around I made it rich in vege. Selagi ada semua jenis sayur saya masukkan. Ada carrot, oyster mushroom, bunga kubis, ehh mcm2 lah..

And the side dish are kailan with oyster sauce (hubby's fave), mix vege with fish ball and fried fish. And of course mine will the the most center one..ahahaha..(diet gituuu).


Lady of Leisure said...

wow ayam black pepper i like... boleh i try nanti...
sedap kan makan dengan nasi putih..

Imma said...

hmmm...special cooked utk hubby sbb Imma kan kena tahan2 nafsu makan nii..huhuhuu...xper..ada 4 hari lagi..muehehehe..

Drama Mama said...

rajin betoi banyak lauk. bai kalau masak camni alamat komplen la amin, dia bukan makan sayur2 sangat. and kena ada kuah penuh seperiuk. tsk tsk tsk

Imma said...

fadzil lain plak..dia jarang menu berkuah2 sgt..amik kuah pon sikit2 jaa..

tapi ima kurg mkn nasik plak lately nih..xselera..

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