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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Red @Kenny Today..!! Hurry..!! Not Yet Too Late

Red is for love, joy and happiness that one should feel of one’s life. Red is for the blood that courses through our body and keeps us alive. Kenny Rogers ROASTERS launching of RED (ROASTERS Eating Day) will ignite the meaning of ‘red’. Advocating on healthy eating since day one, KRR understands the meaning of a healthy body that equals to a happy person.

KRR celebrate RED on 13 Jan 2010 - marking it a significant day by giving out a *complimentary Kenny’s Quarter Meal with purchase of a Kenny’s Quarter Meal for those who visit KRR restaurants with any element of the colour red (you could have red lipstick, red cap, red shirt or red head band). It will be a day that people can mark on their calendar to remind them to take the opportunity to eat healthy!

Come to Kenny Rogers ROASTERS restaurant nearest to you and enjoy this gift of health! Forward this message to as many friends as possible to show that you care for them!

*Terms & Conditions apply

Come on..let's walk in to Mr Kenny's roof..it today's ever R.E.D at Kenny..It' not yet too late babe..See yaaa... ~whoopsss..aku kan tgh berdiet..WAJIBkan melupakannya seketika utk hari ni jaa~

[Abg...jommmm... ;-) ]


Lady of Leisure said...

nak kene terjah la camni.. dah lama tak pi KR, tapi i suka lagu dia yg tajuk 'lady' tu hehe... ayam dia sedap kan.. tapi nak kene pakai merah la pulak, nnati nak selongkar baju merah.. hehe..

Imma said...

Yeaaa...!! cepat Lady...Bai sure dah sampai tuh ngan tudung merah dia with her lovely hubby and Irfan..yeehaaa...

Imma tak pi laah kot as hubby balik kerja lambat and some more ada udang recipe special hari nii utk Mr. Hubby.. Sorry Uncle Kenny, I dare to beat your offer for my mr Hubby..hehehhh..

~and sbnrnya Imma pon still on my prog path..so lain kali laa kott..~

Drama Mama said...

haaaaaaa packed gila. last2 makan kat kfc ngn baju merah anak beranak. hahaha

Drama Mama said...

haaaaaaa packed gila. last2 makan kat kfc ngn baju merah anak beranak. hahaha

Imma said...

OK laa tuu..KFC pon merah jugak kann..so KFC bagi free dish tak..??

Nasib baik ada udang pedas Ima tuh..tak jadi Fadzil pi..lg pon dia dah agak sure packed lah..budak2 offc berapa punya ramai pakai serba merah..mesti nak terjah ke KR lah tuu...hehehe..

Tak pa takpaa..lain kali uncle Kenny buat kenduri lagi kott.. ;-)

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