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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Kuih Lompang

Today me and my mom together with my sisters were fulfilling the wedding invites from our two neighbours..Owh..!! again..!!I had forgotten about my diet..arghh..!!! ~sengaja sbnrnya sbb takleh tahan bile sebut jaa pasal kenduri..terbayang2 masak kurma and ayam masak merah..muahahahhaa~

When about to go back after the attended the second reception, again my very old friend Azeera had called me up and told me that she is coming to my house at 5pm..Okey dude, I'll be at home, you are most welcome.

And again she was sending something to my little boy..kuih lompang. I was sooooo thankful to you Azeera..buat susah-susah jaa..Actually it was about last month when we attended her son's (Hannan) 2nd birthday party but during the time we arrived it was a little bit late of the afternoon already, and there were only left about 2 pcs of kuih lompang for Boboy instead of other menu..Tak sangka pulak Boboy loves to eat that.."sori Boboy..nanti lain kali auntie tempah lain utk Boboy naaa.."

So today Azeera really meant with her word. She did ordered and handed some kuih lompang for Boboy. Thanks a lot Azeera..You are sooo lovely..sooo kind..May Allah will always give HIS bless to you and your family..

I don't know what do other people called but here we called it as kuih lompang. It's tasted sooo nice, and usually being eaten together with the grated coconut..hmm yummmmyyyy...


L@n@ said...

ermm suke sangat kuih nih.. tapi dah lame x dpat makan.. dah jarang orang jual area umah lana.. lana pun panggil kuih lompang.. masuk sebijik dalam mulot pastuh kunyah2x telaann.. ngeh3x..

Imma said...

ha ahh kan Lana..hehehe...cute sgt rupa n size..skali ngap jer abes..so klu beli tak cukup laa dua tiga bijik..hihihiii

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