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Saturday, July 18, 2009

FinaLLy...I'm going home

Finally...the time has come..!! I am back...Terasa lepas dah beban yang tertanggung selama nii...I had finished with my study..finished with the stuffs that always makes me running on the rush..i had finished packing..my goodness..i really feel sooooooo released now...tak sabar rasanya nak balik ke pangkuan my lovely family..

This is the thing that i struggled on last nit..It's been 3.15am now..i managed to had my sleep last nite only 3 hours after struggling of my last but not least project..went to bed at 6.30 am..woke up at 10am..settling the last part and the finishing and finally the submition..rasa lega but one more left..autoCAD..but at least almost everything has done..and up to now..even though i am soooo tired but wonder why i can't fall asleep..tunggu hubby sampai and tak sabar nak bertolak balik ke Penang...I believe so much of thing are awaits for me there especially my little cherish boy..I miss him sooo much..Mummy is coming back Dear..

Time for packing has passed and move on to the plan..hehee..Hanging out together for the last time with all my housemates..midnight then only going out, waiting for Ruby to come back from work..So nice..we went to have meal..minum2..borak2..gossip..Jarang dapat kumpul semua sama2 as each and everyone has their own commitments..same goes to myself which i go back to Penang every weekend.. So for the las time before i move back to Penang. we hang out together..bergambar2..bess rasanya..they are sooo kind of mates..i love u all guys..Hope to see again..InsyaAllah..All the best to you guys and me as well..You guys will be always be in my heart..Bess dapat housemates mcm diorg..happy go lucky..huha huha..understanding and really helpful..Love this short sweet memories.

Back: Niza, Wawa, Myself (Imma)
Front: Fizah, E-na, Ruby

Huwaaaaarggghhhhh....ngantoks laaa plakkss...ok lah..nak tido..at least to have a short nap while waiting hubby to arrived..In one week holiday..getting myself prepared to face the new challenge.."TEACHING PRAC".. Again, back to school but in the different mode than the last year experience..Wish me best of luck and success.. Chaiyukk chaiyukk IMMA..!! YOU CAN DO IT..

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Story @ A&W Gurney Plaza

Boboy: oh! what a nice fries that i ever had..Mummy, why are u strring at me..??

Mummy: b'coz u seems so excited having it boy..

Boboy : it was sooo yummy..plus i love potato too ;-)

Mummy : ok laa dear..hv it for all..mummy will not mind

Boboy : TQ mummy..yeayy..!! Whooppsss...Papa.....don't finish it..leave some for me pleasee...i know it's your fav as it is an A&W...

Papa : Oooppss...sowwy...i don't realize that we have the same taste and fav..hehehe.. :-P

Boboy : huwaa..
..hmmmm... (~grumble~)

Papa : OK..OK..there are still some for you laa
boy..Nah..and this red pack is for you too...hehe..but sssshhhhh don't let mummy know ok..or else she will ask it back from you.. :-D

Boboy : Waaa..besnyaaa...but let me finished this one first ok..but..that one is for mummy laa..it's too huge for me..hehehe..

Papa : No worries..mummy is on diet..she wont be so mind..right mummy.. ;-) (~blinking one eye to mummy)

Mummy : Oh my goodness...!! i want it too..we are in a team of the A&W fans laa...hahaha..Enough for papa..mummy will help you to finish it Boy..hihihiii..

Papa : Oh no..dua beranak nih geng nampakk..its ok papa can order for more.. :-P

My cute little chubby boy..khusyuk menikmati his fav fries..Papa bagi burger pon tak heran jer..

That's 'THE END of the story...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My LittLe Boy's CoLLecTioNs

Oh yeah..time is fly very fast..he is now 8 months old..but to get up to this extend, i feel like been going through the suffering time for being seperated from both of my boys..Muhammad Danish Wafiq as his name..getting smarter and smarter time to time..He even know which of his fav shoe from his collections..The light blue Carters is for sure..hahaaa...the one amongst the 6 pairs that he has as for now..yess..!!that is my Boboy..kecik-kecik dah pandai memilih..like mummy like son as papa said..ohh my goodness..mummy jugak yang kena but actually all are bought by papa..sbb papa yang pakai Nike and NB shoe, mummy don't... ;-) All in all, mummy and papa sbnrnya sama-sama kuat melayan...wuahahahahahaa...

Papa said "
takpa laa..skrg dia blom tau pilih lagi..nanti dia dah besaq..tau laa dia nak pilih yg mana yg dia suka..ben10 kaa..ultraman kaa..transformers kaa..nak sama ngan kawan-kawan dia.." Hmm...layannkan jer laaa..Here are the collection of Boboy's foot stuffs since born till now..The Nike, Koala Kids, Mohther Care, Carters (the fav), Pureen and Baby Mickey..