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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Story @ A&W Gurney Plaza

Boboy: oh! what a nice fries that i ever had..Mummy, why are u strring at me..??

Mummy: b'coz u seems so excited having it boy..

Boboy : it was sooo yummy..plus i love potato too ;-)

Mummy : ok laa dear..hv it for all..mummy will not mind

Boboy : TQ mummy..yeayy..!! Whooppsss...Papa.....don't finish it..leave some for me pleasee...i know it's your fav as it is an A&W...

Papa : Oooppss...sowwy...i don't realize that we have the same taste and fav..hehehe.. :-P

Boboy : huwaa..
..hmmmm... (~grumble~)

Papa : OK..OK..there are still some for you laa
boy..Nah..and this red pack is for you too...hehe..but sssshhhhh don't let mummy know ok..or else she will ask it back from you.. :-D

Boboy : Waaa..besnyaaa...but let me finished this one first ok..but..that one is for mummy laa..it's too huge for me..hehehe..

Papa : No worries..mummy is on diet..she wont be so mind..right mummy.. ;-) (~blinking one eye to mummy)

Mummy : Oh my goodness...!! i want it too..we are in a team of the A&W fans laa...hahaha..Enough for papa..mummy will help you to finish it Boy..hihihiii..

Papa : Oh no..dua beranak nih geng nampakk..its ok papa can order for more.. :-P

My cute little chubby boy..khusyuk menikmati his fav fries..Papa bagi burger pon tak heran jer..

That's 'THE END of the story...


EdaManAli said...

ini btol ke kisah boboy??? ke boboy kene paksa b'lakon??? kisah sbnrnye, mummy ngn papa boboy duk berebut burger (not in the picture...coz diorg pndai cover)...ank mkn fries je, ape laa mummy ngn papa danish ni kn...

Rahman,Ahchong,Muniandy said...

boboy ke? comel n cool.tq

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