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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Half Has Past..Another Half is Coming

Today will be the last day of June 2010..and the end of today means that we had past the half of the year for year 2010..

Looking back about one year back, I was striving so hardly to get to what I have today..Counting the days during that time was like waiting for million of years to come..But I am so thankful of what I have now..

I am listing of what had I achieved since past the one year in my cool and thus much to challenging life...

June 2009 : hardly bearing a really big challenge while need to struggle for final examination and at the same time the heart was soooo missing a lot the boys that I love so much..

July 2009 : striving so hard again to finished out the teaching practicum but really thankful to Allah as I could undergone it in my hometown which is Penang and be by my boys side..

November 2009 : finished with all the studies matter and time to rest and spend time pampering my little boy with so much at his indulgence.. :-) love the moment a lot..

January 2010 : the new year and the new life then begin when I had been posted and so lucky I was when been attached back to the school that I had doing my teaching prac..I love very much about every single thing that were in front of me that time..And yet, the title as 'TEACHER' then crafted into my life and being my soul anywhere..I was so happy at the infinite words could tell..

March 2010 : Started with little business of my dream and thank God syukur alhamdulillah as everything goes fine and I am fine doing it..

April 2010 : Expending that my little business to the next level and still it is a little but at least I did it as an improvement to be this way..

June 2010 : Planning for the next step to step up if with God wills..I really wanted that dream to come true.. :-) So friends, please pray for me and wish me all the best. TQ.. :-)

To anyone and everyone that read this quiet post, please do leave your comment to share of what are the achievements that you have gained within this one year time period..Hence readers..YOU ARE TAGGED..!! but with leaving the comment rather than of posting tag entry post will do instead.. :-)


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Zebra in The Season

When the mother choose to have kind of her new syria collection today with stripe design..like this..

And therefore, Boboy pulak pilih utk tambah koleksi CDnya with zebra stripe design too..weee....
Just like mommy like son.. ~wink wink~ ;-)

Readers, for more CD with all the cutest design, please feel free to visit my blogshop @BabyCooL One-StoP :-)

Okey, that's it for now..see ya again with the story off our lovely dinner last night @Ikan Bakat Teluk Tempoyak..mmmmm...bessttt....

Homeschooling Pilihan Boboy Sendiri

Since these few days, my little Boboy always keep on asking to watch Wonder Pets video from YouTube. And instead of watching to that, I came across with few videos from YouTube that really could get his interest to sit in front of the screen for hours without disturbing the mother to do her businesses..hik hiks..

This is one of the video that he kept on repeating and repeating it millions of times..hehehee...

V..W..and X..Y and Z...

and this too by Super Simple Songs dot com

Danish is love jumping on the bed
he fell off and bumped his head
Mommy call the doctor and the doctor said
No more Danish jumping on the bed
(my song to my boy :-D)

Bagus gak kan ada youTube nih..agak jimat jugak laa duit beli learning CD..~keji...!!kedekut..!!~

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

His New Little Ride

Since I have been posted, I had throwing millions of promises to my little boy to get him a little ride instead of the one that he is having now which is already too low for him as he is getting taller and taller now.

After thinking for months, I had came across with this stuff since he seems so insist to have one bicycle. Everytime when we went for outing and if Mr Hubby was using the way passing by the Bayan Lepas small town, the little boy will always pointing to every single bicycle shops at the road side while his mouth like can't stop saying batitaa...batitaaa...banyaknyaaa batitaaaa...(basikal....basikalll....!!! banyaknyaa basikall..!! )

So today I called to Mr Hubby to go for a look at the shop if there is any bicycle for him that he will interest in. Be brought the little boy along as if he would wanna choose of the one that he like..And after trying to ride on few bicycle, he finally made up his mind with this sweet charm look little ride..hik hiks..anak haku pandai pilih hokeyhh..!! ni dia pilih sendiri..Papa had suggest to the other one but he was still wanted for the one that he like.. :-D

Does this look so cool..no..?? :-D

And right after we reached home, he seems can't wait to ride on it..nak tayang kat tok dia laa tuu and just look at him..what a so charming little boy he is with his new little ride... :-D tu carrier belakang tu jgn pi bonceng aweks dah laa erk..ahahahhaaa..

What A So Ashamed To Claimed Yourself As EXPRESS..? Go FORGET IT..!!

Since I had started with my small business, I was indirectly have to deal with this one courier company that so not ashamed ti claimed themself an EXPRESS delivery company..Yuckksss...!!!

I had a super duper terribly bad experience of dealing with them due to the order that been delivered to me from the supplier. OK, courier delivery usually providing 'door step' delivery but to my experience, they even took FOUR day for the parcel to be delivered on to my hand..FOUR days..is this what they called EXPRESS..??!! Owhh Gosh..

Not only that FOUR days delivery period, their driver called me up to confirm the address, yess they think they were being so efficient for calling me before they send me the parcel but then they are actually wanted me to call them back as they HAVE NO CREDITS remaining on their phone to make phone calls..Owhh..again..!! DAMN bad..

And guess what, not even asked me to call back but one more thing that sooooo a B*-^$%!!TTT thing was asked me to wait on the roadside so they could pass the items to me...Arghhh..I am so MAD..really..

And today I actually should be receiving the parcel by yesterday but NOT and therefore I called up to their center to ask for it, what the STUPID answer been given..?? They don't know why the parcel did not been delivered as it's all due to the driver and they really don't know why the driver did not delivered it..Can they as a service center rep to throw the answer that way to their customer..?? They should at least get back to their driver and get the conformation rather than saying the nonsense..Owh God. I think what they wanted me to do is to stupidly call to their driver where by I DON'T KNOW who they are..and what their number is..None of my business okey..What I want to know is WHY I still don't received my stuff..

Making calls for more than 2-3 times really get me to felt so ANGRY on top with their so RUDE customer service rep that hang off my call. I finally called up and once there was a voice at the end of the other line, I straight away SHOUTED to her ear " I WANT TO SPEAK TO YOUR MANAGER...RIGHT NOW..!!". The line been hold for seconds and she told me that their manager will return my call..Know what..? In less than half an hour, their drivers were already in front of my house knocking the door doing the deliver..

Arghh..they are actually making so much of stupid and nonsense reason for the delivery could not be made supposedly on the day..chittt...bongokk..!! dah kena marah and kena tengking..boleh pulak barang sampai dalam masa 15 menet kan..

If I have the other option to choose, YESS I will definitely go for other than this stupid delivery services....tsk tsk tsk

Monday, June 21, 2010

Effective Tips of Overcoming Daily Problems

Doing promotion is not such an easy thing for me and since I had set up my Blogshop, I need some time or maybe longer to let people to get to know about it.

So while blogwalking to people blog, I had came across with this nice sharing is caring blog of Cik Puan Fiza about the daily problems that we are facing everyday but somehow we do not know on how to overcome and settle the matter.

Here I share to you all my blogger peers as well as the silent reader. You may want to know something that somethime we did not know or realize. :-)

1) Ants Problem:
Keep the skin o
Publish Post
f cucumbers near the place or ant hole.

2) To get pure and clean ice:
Boil water first before freezing.

3) To make the mirror shine:
Clean with spirit

4) To remove chewing gum from clothes:
Keep the cloth in the freezer for an hour.

5) To whiten white clothes:
Soak white clothes in hot water with a slice of lemon for 10 minutes 10.

6) To give a shine to hair:
Add one teaspoon of vinegar to hair, then wash hair.

7) To get maximum juice out of lemons:
Soak lemons in hot water for one hour, and then juice them.

8) To avoid smell of cabbage while cooking:
Keep a piece of bread on the cabbage in the vessel while cooking.

9) To rid the smell of fish from your hands:
Wash your hands with a little apple vinegar.

10) To avoid tears while cutting onions:
Chew gum.

11) To boil potatoes quickly:
Skin one potato from one side only before boiling.

12) To boil eggs quickly:
Add salt to the water and boil.

13) To check freshness of fish:
Put it in a bowl of cold water. If the fish floats, it's fresh.

14) To check freshness of eggs:
Put the egg in water.
If it becomes horizontal, it's fresh.
If it becomes slanting, its 3-4 days old.
If it becomes vertical, its 10 days old.
If it floats, it's stale.

15) To remove ink from clothes:
Put toothpaste on the ink spots generously and let it dry completely, then wash.

16) To skin sweet potatoes quickly:
Soak in cold water immediately after boiling.

17) To get rid of mice or rats:
Sprinkle black pepper in places where you find mice or rats. They will run away.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mummy.....!!! Tinyokkk....

Usually, when I was hanging my little boy's clothes outside the house, he will always came with wearing his little slipper and wander around while I was busying with my business. Sometime when he is in his very kind mood, he in very nice way will take one by one of the pieces to give his mummy to hang..Yess..such a very good and helpful boy I have.

Yesterday when I was doing the same business, and as usual the little boy came and this time not with his little slipper, but look....!!!!

Dah laa terkalih kiri ke kanan..kanan ke kiri (kids always like that before they know to match the right way wearing the shoes or even slipper)..hahahahahahaa...

Boboy : Mummy...!!! tinyokk..!!!! ( =Mummy...!!! tengokkk)..tipper tantekk...( =slipper cantikk)
Mummy : ~tersengih~ Laaa..sapa punya tuu...???
Boboy : Mak unyaa.. ( =mak punya) mak is referring to his tok. As everyone in the house calling mom as 'mak'..he is calling the same too.. :-)
Mummy : Awat pakai mak punya slipper..? Boboy punya slipper mana..?
Boboy : Tipper tock Boboy unya.. (Slipper crocs Boboy punya) ~cakap pun terbalik jgk..Boboy punya slipper crocs)

Hahahaha...my boy he talk a lot..Until me and hubby feel like we don't need radio in the car as he talk so much about everything and anything...

Syria Stylr with Awning Inner..Cam Pelik Jaaaa..

I have been get used to be in this style since the collection number is getting larger and larger, when it came to this style..I feel like interested in it but I don't think I can go with it..besarnyaaa muka haku rasanyaa..!!

Terserlah kejendulan the wide of the forehead..OMG..!!

The inner with awning was invented by mak when we had to go like all-around-the-world to seek for the awning type of inner as she is so insist to get one. After for looong time seeking for it with no positive findings, she get one from a kiosk in Giant Hypermarket that selling tudungs even it was the normal one without awning.

Guess what she had done once we got home, she alter the inner by inserting the awning layer into the inner to make it to be as in the above pic and yet, I came to be the model of it..hahahahaa..Mak aku memamg tip-top bab2 mengubahsuai nih.. :-D

But not for me as it is definitely for her. The extension form it, she told me "cuba hang terai pi kedai kat Sunway tuh tgk kut2 ada juai lapik span mcm ni, beli laa bok mai..boleh buat utk tudung2 syria lain jugak.." Huh mak..dah nak mula bisnes kaa apa nih..hikhiks..

Anyhow, I don't think the awning type will suit to my face and again it will look so so and so weird to me. It is not that I never tried to have one, but beli jaa harus bagi kat org sbb rasa pelik..I think I am cool enough with this style.. ~wink~

Friday, June 18, 2010

Jangan Salah sangka Pulak..saya Bukan Nak Berniaga :-D

Remember when some a long time ago I had really hard to get into this scarf style but the heart are so glory and passion about it..I had blogged out about this weirdy and the early collection..Where the confidence to start was really a mile away..but the wills were so welcoming.

And now with I am myself did not realize, I already have this bunch of collection..Masa bila pulak haku pi beli semua-semua ni..(ayat kepura-puraan gituu) :-D Sorry Mr Hubby..It's easy, it's nice, it makes me look so cool and most truly are..they really suit me..Would you want to agree Dear..
And sorry I had no opportunity to capture the bunch of shawls collection as budak kecit nii dah dtg nak nyum nyum sambil tersengih2 dah..hikhiks..

But it is a normal to a women whom wearing the tudung they will get really passion in tudung other than many many things around to filled up all the spaces in her wardrobe..Anyone would not wanna say yes..?? grrrr...

p/s: well..those who wanna have one for the collection, here you may want to visit and draw your option..Happy Shopping

EnfaMama Mother I am

Anmum Materna™ is a fortified milk for women planning for pregnancy and pregnant women that is reduced in fat and has the essential nutrients that you and your growing foetus need – calcium to keep your bones strong and supple, Gangliosides and Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) which are important in the early development of your child’s brain. So it is essential that you continue drinking two glasses of Anmum Materna™ a day until the day you deliver, because it is packed with the nutrition that you need for a healthy pregnancy and baby.

Since I am so highly tempted to get pregnant (walaupun takdak rezki lagi) but this is the thing that been consulted to me during my first pregnancy by my genea that to consume folic acid, calcium and vitamins as early as 3 month before to get pregnant. And so, I came across to this option..
 and this too
Thank you my Dear Sweetheart of preparing all these for me..and for us..Pray for the upcoming baby (yang taktau lagi bila nak datang) yeahh as I seems can't wait for it anymore..huhu..and pray too for the miracle that Allah might want to give us and yet the twin will be ours..who knows right as no one will know HIS businesses..hikhiks.. :-)

Taking supplement bukan merupakan cara utk mengandung..tp persediaan melengkapkan diri dengan nutrisi utk bakal baby..

Bila kita merancang untuk mengandung..maka ini adalah antara persediaan awal yg kita boleh lakukan..

So readers..don't misunderstood pulak yaa..ini bukan petua utk mengandung but then its such a PREPARATION when you are planning to get pregnant..Yeaahh..to all of you readers..HAPPY PARENTING.. :-) 

Again My Little Time Spent with BabyCooL

I don't have much things these few days to be story about..unlike during my previous time where by I posted at least a story a day. I have a bunc of exam papers that I haven't finished with yet..I have my little family that been ignored a little bit in these few days. I had a very tough time of doing something which I dreamed of a long time ago..I have actually many things to share out till up to this level, everything seem being latent deep inside my little heart..

As this week, Mr Hubby is working in the 10am - 7pm working hour, again we had a very less time of spending time of going out like just we were doing as usual..And of course I was scarifying so much setting up my Bizz Blog..And Gosh..what was going through this week were just a very dull week..What to say as Friday has come..tsk tsk tsk..

And today was like a bit tight time that I need to do. Since last night I had few orders placed, I was like spent more time of doing this rather than to my little family..
What a so sad time but yet still without Mr Hubby around, I brought my little munchkin out to Giant while on my purpose to posted out the order parcel at the first place..Well, it is not an easy thing to bring out an active little munchkin alone without the father around..mana nak husung beg lagi...handbag lagi..nak hambat dia sana sini lagi..I dare to take the challenge..hikhik..supermother I am :-P

Boboy dah banyak hari terkurung and asyik ajak mummy jalan2 jaa..Mommy feel soooo sorry my boy..As a guilty feeling to the little boy, here today mummy took him off to Giant playground while tok could do her groceries shopping with sister.

Okey..admitted, they were not just only the groceries, but then still another collection had been added for more..hakhaks...What a nice time having a walk with mak..dapat syria lagi sepasang for being a great tudung consultant to her.. ~wink wink~

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

CooL..Still I am

These few days, I had spent a lot of my time being in front of this screen just to maintain the blogshop of mine that just being launched. My Dear God, it is not an easy thing as for the person like me whomnot so good in blogging..on top of that, a newbie in doing an online business.

There are a lot of things that need to be done before the blogshop or online shop being launched as I bet there must be the most important things the information all about the business, the policies, the deatils and what not, and till then I had push this my second home-sweet-home aside..Sangat menyedihkan

And but now, I think it is almost done and could said as completed. Please friends if you have any would you wanted to suggest, perhaps you could drop the suggestion or comment here. I was doing it with all my heart just because I feel like to be success as other people can do too..InsyaAllah..pray for me.. :-)

Before this, the business has running all the way through offline. I am selling it directly to people and when the time comes, I am making real for my dream of setting up one online business, and therefore, here the new baby being delivered. Feel free to drop by or pay a visit as there already had more and more items being selling fast. :-) Thanks for all your support.

Till then. Will be back with more and more the Mommy's Stories..hihhii...tataaaa

Monday, June 14, 2010

Kenduri dan Kenduri Lagi

Attending to kenduri is one of thing amongst that I love..just because I like nasi kenduri so much. And this weekend was such a great spent that I had with my beloved boys as both of the weekend days had been filled with activities kenduri and kenduri..Rasa gemok jadiknya diri ini hari2 makan nasik..hihihiii

This is the Saturday's out..Tolong jangan tiru yeahh the smile trademark of my little boy.. :-D

After the one that we attended in Parit Buntar, home sweet home to MIL house there we go..but as usual, panas jaa bontot just being at home. Therefore, again we went out to Parit Buntar as Mr Hubby was highly craving for Omaq best Char Koay Teow. So we went out just for those two intention. The other one was to fulfill the little boy that craved for raisin sooo much..nak tercabut bumbung kereta matrix mummy dia jerit nak titmish (kismis)

 The presentation of Omaq best Char Koay Teow
Boboy: "Mummy..sapa nak habiskan bnyk-bnyk order nii..??"
Mummy: "Takpaaa..papa kan ada..papa bole abiskan.. :-)"
And here when the Sunday welcome, there were two kenduri were waiting for. The one was in kampung as the newlywed was Mr Hubby's friend. What a so nice meal, I love to had it but just ashamed to had it for the second round.. :-P But no worries as another kenduri was waiting for in Penang, the very near neighbor's daughter got married.
What a lovely family I have..Love u guys of my life so much..mmuahh..
Credit to incik tripod yang cenonet adiah dari uncle kedai kamera..:-D
Say cheeeseeeee...
Sitting at the back: Hubby's cousin, MIL
Front: of course myself, my little Boboy and Mr Hubby


Ehh..!! Kuchinggg...!!!! bangun lahhh..tengok camera tuh..eiishhhh...!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Blogshop Finally Launched

This few days had been my tight days as I was very concentrate to make real my online shop and yet it was finally launched yesterday.

Please welcome yourself to visit my blogshop at BabyCooL One-Stop. It has been a dream for me to start with one blogshop since started doing this CDs business few months back.

I had advertised it in only on my Facebook Album to let the friends know and in a way of letting people to know about it. Well, thank God, syukur alhamdulillah as everhthing so far goes very fine.

I would like to thank to my most beloved Hubby that support me so much in doing this business. Not forgotten to the family and friends that do the same on supporting me too..Thanks all.

Please do wish me for all the best and good luck. :-)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Again My Little Chef That Most Helpful

I told u thousand of time that my little boy was a really really helpful boy..Don't you believe me..?? Just a little sneak preview all about him during his small moment..All of his doings is all about to help his mom..

Remember about this post..?? Arranging all the kitchen stuff while the mother is busy with the cooking businesses for the hubster to come back for lunch..

Still don't want to believe..?? come and have a look at here when learning could be a helping time instead..The bunch of his diapers been arranged from the drawer onto the floor..This is much to learning part and improving his counting skill. Hahhaa...please excuse us.. :-P

Arghhh...seems no one to bother that I am telling the truth..Still picture might be the one can tell the stories but video might tell the real situation I bet..And therefore, please pay your attention to the below video..hikhiks..

Yesterday, when his Achik wanted to wash her car, this little boy whom always being a helpful guy turn out first to carry everything macamlaa besaq sangat nak husung semua..

Carrying two pail together in a stack might be too heacy..tak larat angkat lahh..!!

Therefore, tarik one in each hand is much more easier and lighter.. :-D

And when it comes to today as no one at home just the two of us, again he came as he is.."mummy..nak tombok..!!". It was actually the time I was doing my business preparing the lunch meal for Mr Hubby..

Sorry for the quality of the picture as my HTC camera could not performed so well in capturing the movements..as the DSLR professional is working.. :-P

And as everyone would want to believe when the video can tell the real story of the live moments.. :-)

Please give him a very high credit to his high effort of doing kerja-kerja menumbuk...wuakakakakkakaaa..

OK OK...now mummy believes in you Boy, you are such a great little boy..the most helpful and the one that no doubt, you are the most funniest si kecit that make your mom and everyone instead smile and laugh at all time..

Welcome Back after A Longggg Excuse from Masak-masak

Yes I do admit that Mummy's Stories has been go off for soooooo long from doing the post about all the masak-masak things and today here I come back with something again and as usual..simple..i repeat..SIMPLE yaa bukan malas.. :-P

Now as everyone know is a long holiday for me as a teacher since the schools are in holiday mode too..yeeeheee..time to indulgence the tummy and butts :-P And as usual when I am at home, I will do the cooking part as Mr Hubby will really love to eat air tangan wifey dia.. :-)

And today, I had something that might be a new in my blog post to share about the cooking part after so long keeping quite without any even one recipe..Bunyi macam agak malas memasak kann...

Sambal Udang Belacan
Well, the basic ingredients will be the same as well as the way to cook. Remember I had blogged out about this some time ago, you may just follow it from here..

What ever you wanted to be add in as additional such like any types of vege, or carrots as usual you are welcome to do so. But this time around with the name of belacan, I did add a teaspoon of shrimp paste to make up the taste to be different while frying the onions and the chillies. One more thing is, I cut the tomatoes into small dices instead of using the tomato sauce.

Here it come to the presentation and ready for dine. And I bet you that Mr Hubby had it until the fingers licking..So what else to think too much, come and give yourself a big appreciation to craft a smile of your big guy by trying this best ever sambal udang belacan presented sincerely from Mummy's Stories... :-)

Happy cooking..!!! :-)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Lunch Treat @Johnny's

Last Saturday, we have initially a family gathering as usual each of the month and this time aroundwe had plan for steamboat at sis house at Seberang Jaya.

At early in the Saturday morning she called me up to remind of the gathering and asked us to get dressed up seems like she is bringing us out to somewhere. And right after I had finished all the house work for the weekend, we headed up to her house as planned and there they had ready waiting for us to go out, yes as expected.

We went to AEON Seberang Perai City stated some where in Bandar Perda BM and the spot place to dine in was uncle Johnny's corner. And therefore this had became my very first time having meal at Johnny's steamboat rest. Weee...bestnyaaaa...!!!

The food was just nice, not to say tooooo good and not that bad..I am not that fussy (chehhh....konoonnnn..!!!) but the food is just good and since Boboy can finished half of the rice from my bowl, that was much much much more than good enough..

I bet this was the treat from sis as in a way for her of announcing the great new news to us as she has an arrival for a new baby soon in this coming December (31st as the due date will be)..I am the one that soooo excited as I thought that I would announce the news first before her but the luck is just for her before me..seronoknyaa nak dapat baby lagi..aku nih bila pulak nak buat announcement ntahnyaa..hihihiii...

And instead of having lunch there, I was yet still had some space to grab a pair of my fave tudung syria to top up the collection in my wardrobe. My Mr Hubby had just nothing to say than ogling from a distance with a bitter smile.. :-P

Buy Any One Item and Get Another Onefor FREE...!!!

Remember I had once blogged out about our shopping @OFO Penang for our little boy's clothing and guess what..?? without knowing since when the sale had running out, today when we were on the way back from Gurney Plaza, I was telling Mr Hubby few times to buy few pcs of Jeans to Boboy in the larger size just in case in the future we will have difficulties of finding it due to the fussiness of the dad and the mom :-P

Mr Hubby was the most one particular about buying the expensive stuff when it come to the Brand and quality esp. Therefore Boboy will always get the affordable one from OFO, Brands or sometime FOS for his clothing..Sebenarnya mak nyaaa lebih berkira and cerewet.. :-P That's why I asked Mr Hubby to drop by to OFO and find at least one or two.

Last time we got the CK jeans for Boboy with the price of around RM50 and to your knowing, today's achievement was wayyy better than before where by the price of less than RM50 we could get TWO..I do repeat..TWO pcs of jeans for him..bessstt tuuu as the sale is sounds as BUY ANY 1 ITEM and get another one at the same price or lower for FREE...!! again..for FREEE...!!

So guys, especially to those who has started to shop for baju raya anak you may not want to be left out from this great sale offer..!! Hurry before that Singa tribes grab them all...!!! Boboy got another CK and Timberland jeans..wueeee...jelesnyaaa as the Levi's jeans is too small to fit me... uwaaa...!!!kalau tidak sure dapat dua Levi's jeans for me tooo

Dine in @A&W

Today we had again a walk but this time around was to the Gurney Plaza just to pay a window shopping after being some long time we had never been there.

The initial outing today was just only to send Mr Hubby's car to the workshop for some services to be done but since we had started the step out from the house, there the step become longer and longer...

And here we come the Gurney Plaza..ngeh ngeh ngeh...Seems like no where to fulfill the hungriness of the stomach else to ambush to A&W, the Mr Hubby's fave spot..

Kalau dulu pi, Boboy just makan fries, tu pon sebatang tak habis betul..but look at him now excitedly sipping a drink from a jumbo glass..my Goodness Danishhhhh....!!!

Ahakss..tersenyum kepuasan dapat 'paw' Root Bear Mummy..grrrrrr....

This is the second time for my small boy been to A&W since some a long time ago I had been blogged out about something similar to this post..Just look at the different of the small boy..hahahahahaa..Mr Hubby was saying "huishhhh...setahun jugak naa baru kita mai balik ke A&W nih..kihkihkihihihihiii..(laughing while looking to Boboy's pic that time)...

Sunday, June 6, 2010

PUMA instead of NIKE!

Last Friday we had a small wander time at Quennsbay Mall as the hubster feel like going out since the whole week we never get to anywhere as usual..Terasa macam aktiviti jalan-jalan kitorg semakin berkurang..ntah kenapa..

We were thinking of buying our little munchkin a new pair of shoe for months ago since his current one is almost no longer to fit on his feet anymore..kasut tuuh makin mengecik laah..

I had blogged out about being a chief invigilator some time last month during the MUET examination and here the time come for the allowance got paid. As promises to my little boy when I have to leave him very early in the morning with his tok even it was Saturday, here baby I pay it just for you for being a good boy.. :-)

Me and Mr Hubby were really insist to get NIKE for him, the hubster's fave tag and we had have in our mind which design we would want to buy. But for same reason that actually we did not feel happy to buy that design was because........~cerita lain kali lah..~

Luckily we had came across with this sweet nike nice design by PUMA..

sila abaikan permainan dia yang bersepah merata-rata tuh erk..

Does it look cool to fit my little handsome guy..hikhiks..bergaya sakan bila mummy bagi cuba pakaii right after we reached home.. :-)

Soothing from Sore Throat...Anyone Would Want to Suggest..??

My baby had sore throat this two days back and he has a bad bed time especially during night time. As he had the bad sleeping time, the same goes to the mother as well. He will keep awake at every single hour and crying as coughing became so bad to him.. ~sigh~

Anyone would want to suggest what can I do to sooth him from the bad feeling during this hard time. He has a bad appetite as well which I believe due to the pain on his throat. I feel so sad for him..huhuhuu..

We had consult the Doc at one of 24-hrs clinic and of course not his Paed yesterday evening but I don't see any improvement on him within this 24 hrs. Petua org tua kata to give him warm water or any drink that he is taking with halua kundur been soaked inside and yes I did it but still no changes.

So bad as yesterday was PH and today is Sunday. My boy should be bring to consult his Paed as early as tomorrow if he is still at the same condition..I am so worry when the night come as he will got fever during the night time too.. :-( Kenapa laa sayang mummy asyik demam jaa lately nii...

Please the pain and the fever..please go away from my baby...tsk tsk tsk...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fun Time Over the Cloud

On top of the feeling of the big day of mine last weekend, we had such a fun moment over the cloud at Genting Highlands..yeee haaaa....

Right after settled everything at UiTM in regards of my graduation, took studio photo, returned the mortar board, the hood and robe, we headed back to the guess room at Cendana College Shah Alam to pack everything to go to Genting, the place of fun at the peak.

It was a heavy rain day that day and credit to Mr Hubby with the help of Mr GPS, we reached the cloud after about 1 and a half hour driving from Shah Alam. This was his very first time drove up to reach that fun peak..Everyone were so in excited as there were so much of excitement awaiting in front of eyes..

Upon the arrival

The First World Hotel from my G11 lens.. ;-)

in front of the hotel main entrance

with all the family members, in front of the main entrance

Genting walk..in First World Plaza

Boboy was always keep on saying asappp...asappp...when looking at the full of fog environment..hikhiks..

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My 2nd Graduation Day

Last weekend was such a big and memorable day for me. After went through all the hardship of being away from my beloved boys through out last year, here the time come with the boys that always by my side.

It was my graduation day after undergone for the one year Diploma course in Education which was held in University Technology of MARA last Saturday.

Yes it was a tiring half day but it was really great time that spent when the persons that I love were around too celebrating my day. Thanks Mr Hubby for being by my side all this while till this moment that we could celebrate with our little joyful munchkin.

From left: Mr brother, Boboy, me, Mr Hubby, sisters.
Sit: Mother

Overall, everything goes fine. It is not the matter of the gift..the bunch of flowers..the anything about the present but it's all about the time spent to be by each other side..it's all about the lovely wishes..Thanks to all my family members that were heartily coming down to be together on my day.. :-)

Click here for more photo of the day.. :-)