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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Welcome Back after A Longggg Excuse from Masak-masak

Yes I do admit that Mummy's Stories has been go off for soooooo long from doing the post about all the masak-masak things and today here I come back with something again and as usual..simple..i repeat..SIMPLE yaa bukan malas.. :-P

Now as everyone know is a long holiday for me as a teacher since the schools are in holiday mode too..yeeeheee..time to indulgence the tummy and butts :-P And as usual when I am at home, I will do the cooking part as Mr Hubby will really love to eat air tangan wifey dia.. :-)

And today, I had something that might be a new in my blog post to share about the cooking part after so long keeping quite without any even one recipe..Bunyi macam agak malas memasak kann...

Sambal Udang Belacan
Well, the basic ingredients will be the same as well as the way to cook. Remember I had blogged out about this some time ago, you may just follow it from here..

What ever you wanted to be add in as additional such like any types of vege, or carrots as usual you are welcome to do so. But this time around with the name of belacan, I did add a teaspoon of shrimp paste to make up the taste to be different while frying the onions and the chillies. One more thing is, I cut the tomatoes into small dices instead of using the tomato sauce.

Here it come to the presentation and ready for dine. And I bet you that Mr Hubby had it until the fingers licking..So what else to think too much, come and give yourself a big appreciation to craft a smile of your big guy by trying this best ever sambal udang belacan presented sincerely from Mummy's Stories... :-)

Happy cooking..!!! :-)

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