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Friday, June 18, 2010

Again My Little Time Spent with BabyCooL

I don't have much things these few days to be story about..unlike during my previous time where by I posted at least a story a day. I have a bunc of exam papers that I haven't finished with yet..I have my little family that been ignored a little bit in these few days. I had a very tough time of doing something which I dreamed of a long time ago..I have actually many things to share out till up to this level, everything seem being latent deep inside my little heart..

As this week, Mr Hubby is working in the 10am - 7pm working hour, again we had a very less time of spending time of going out like just we were doing as usual..And of course I was scarifying so much setting up my Bizz Blog..And Gosh..what was going through this week were just a very dull week..What to say as Friday has come..tsk tsk tsk..

And today was like a bit tight time that I need to do. Since last night I had few orders placed, I was like spent more time of doing this rather than to my little family..
What a so sad time but yet still without Mr Hubby around, I brought my little munchkin out to Giant while on my purpose to posted out the order parcel at the first place..Well, it is not an easy thing to bring out an active little munchkin alone without the father around..mana nak husung beg lagi...handbag lagi..nak hambat dia sana sini lagi..I dare to take the challenge..hikhik..supermother I am :-P

Boboy dah banyak hari terkurung and asyik ajak mummy jalan2 jaa..Mommy feel soooo sorry my boy..As a guilty feeling to the little boy, here today mummy took him off to Giant playground while tok could do her groceries shopping with sister.

Okey..admitted, they were not just only the groceries, but then still another collection had been added for more..hakhaks...What a nice time having a walk with mak..dapat syria lagi sepasang for being a great tudung consultant to her.. ~wink wink~

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