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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

CooL..Still I am

These few days, I had spent a lot of my time being in front of this screen just to maintain the blogshop of mine that just being launched. My Dear God, it is not an easy thing as for the person like me whomnot so good in blogging..on top of that, a newbie in doing an online business.

There are a lot of things that need to be done before the blogshop or online shop being launched as I bet there must be the most important things the information all about the business, the policies, the deatils and what not, and till then I had push this my second home-sweet-home aside..Sangat menyedihkan

And but now, I think it is almost done and could said as completed. Please friends if you have any would you wanted to suggest, perhaps you could drop the suggestion or comment here. I was doing it with all my heart just because I feel like to be success as other people can do too..InsyaAllah..pray for me.. :-)

Before this, the business has running all the way through offline. I am selling it directly to people and when the time comes, I am making real for my dream of setting up one online business, and therefore, here the new baby being delivered. Feel free to drop by or pay a visit as there already had more and more items being selling fast. :-) Thanks for all your support.

Till then. Will be back with more and more the Mommy's Stories..hihhii...tataaaa


Wanie said...

Good luck my fren imma..

Bukan mudah dlm biz nih tapi jgn putus asa..

Pasti berjaya..!!

Imma said...

Tuu laa Wanie...awal2 ni rasa penat sangat bila all the time have spent utk set up even a biz blog..huhuu..agak terasa demotivate jugak laa bila lambat mendapat sambutan kan..yaa laa sementara org nak kenal tahu pasal kedai kita nih..

Anyway dear..thanks a lot for all your wishes and support..love u my friend..InsyaAllah I'll do the best :-)