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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Syria Stylr with Awning Inner..Cam Pelik Jaaaa..

I have been get used to be in this style since the collection number is getting larger and larger, when it came to this style..I feel like interested in it but I don't think I can go with it..besarnyaaa muka haku rasanyaa..!!

Terserlah kejendulan the wide of the forehead..OMG..!!

The inner with awning was invented by mak when we had to go like all-around-the-world to seek for the awning type of inner as she is so insist to get one. After for looong time seeking for it with no positive findings, she get one from a kiosk in Giant Hypermarket that selling tudungs even it was the normal one without awning.

Guess what she had done once we got home, she alter the inner by inserting the awning layer into the inner to make it to be as in the above pic and yet, I came to be the model of it..hahahahaa..Mak aku memamg tip-top bab2 mengubahsuai nih.. :-D

But not for me as it is definitely for her. The extension form it, she told me "cuba hang terai pi kedai kat Sunway tuh tgk kut2 ada juai lapik span mcm ni, beli laa bok mai..boleh buat utk tudung2 syria lain jugak.." Huh mak..dah nak mula bisnes kaa apa nih..hikhiks..

Anyhow, I don't think the awning type will suit to my face and again it will look so so and so weird to me. It is not that I never tried to have one, but beli jaa harus bagi kat org sbb rasa pelik..I think I am cool enough with this style.. ~wink~

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