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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Soothing from Sore Throat...Anyone Would Want to Suggest..??

My baby had sore throat this two days back and he has a bad bed time especially during night time. As he had the bad sleeping time, the same goes to the mother as well. He will keep awake at every single hour and crying as coughing became so bad to him.. ~sigh~

Anyone would want to suggest what can I do to sooth him from the bad feeling during this hard time. He has a bad appetite as well which I believe due to the pain on his throat. I feel so sad for him..huhuhuu..

We had consult the Doc at one of 24-hrs clinic and of course not his Paed yesterday evening but I don't see any improvement on him within this 24 hrs. Petua org tua kata to give him warm water or any drink that he is taking with halua kundur been soaked inside and yes I did it but still no changes.

So bad as yesterday was PH and today is Sunday. My boy should be bring to consult his Paed as early as tomorrow if he is still at the same condition..I am so worry when the night come as he will got fever during the night time too.. :-( Kenapa laa sayang mummy asyik demam jaa lately nii...

Please the pain and the fever..please go away from my baby...tsk tsk tsk...

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