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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What A So Ashamed To Claimed Yourself As EXPRESS..? Go FORGET IT..!!

Since I had started with my small business, I was indirectly have to deal with this one courier company that so not ashamed ti claimed themself an EXPRESS delivery company..Yuckksss...!!!

I had a super duper terribly bad experience of dealing with them due to the order that been delivered to me from the supplier. OK, courier delivery usually providing 'door step' delivery but to my experience, they even took FOUR day for the parcel to be delivered on to my hand..FOUR days..is this what they called EXPRESS..??!! Owhh Gosh..

Not only that FOUR days delivery period, their driver called me up to confirm the address, yess they think they were being so efficient for calling me before they send me the parcel but then they are actually wanted me to call them back as they HAVE NO CREDITS remaining on their phone to make phone calls..Owhh..again..!! DAMN bad..

And guess what, not even asked me to call back but one more thing that sooooo a B*-^$%!!TTT thing was asked me to wait on the roadside so they could pass the items to me...Arghhh..I am so MAD..really..

And today I actually should be receiving the parcel by yesterday but NOT and therefore I called up to their center to ask for it, what the STUPID answer been given..?? They don't know why the parcel did not been delivered as it's all due to the driver and they really don't know why the driver did not delivered it..Can they as a service center rep to throw the answer that way to their customer..?? They should at least get back to their driver and get the conformation rather than saying the nonsense..Owh God. I think what they wanted me to do is to stupidly call to their driver where by I DON'T KNOW who they are..and what their number is..None of my business okey..What I want to know is WHY I still don't received my stuff..

Making calls for more than 2-3 times really get me to felt so ANGRY on top with their so RUDE customer service rep that hang off my call. I finally called up and once there was a voice at the end of the other line, I straight away SHOUTED to her ear " I WANT TO SPEAK TO YOUR MANAGER...RIGHT NOW..!!". The line been hold for seconds and she told me that their manager will return my call..Know what..? In less than half an hour, their drivers were already in front of my house knocking the door doing the deliver..

Arghh..they are actually making so much of stupid and nonsense reason for the delivery could not be made supposedly on the day..chittt...bongokk..!! dah kena marah and kena tengking..boleh pulak barang sampai dalam masa 15 menet kan..

If I have the other option to choose, YESS I will definitely go for other than this stupid delivery services....tsk tsk tsk


Drama Mama said...

ok makanya harus pangkah terus lah company ni huhu

adcom said...

teruknya servis.spoil our day...

Imma said...

Drama Mama:
Bai..pangkah besaq2..bencih...

Imma said...

Bengong diorg semua kat CityLink nih..

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