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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mummy.....!!! Tinyokkk....

Usually, when I was hanging my little boy's clothes outside the house, he will always came with wearing his little slipper and wander around while I was busying with my business. Sometime when he is in his very kind mood, he in very nice way will take one by one of the pieces to give his mummy to hang..Yess..such a very good and helpful boy I have.

Yesterday when I was doing the same business, and as usual the little boy came and this time not with his little slipper, but look....!!!!

Dah laa terkalih kiri ke kanan..kanan ke kiri (kids always like that before they know to match the right way wearing the shoes or even slipper)..hahahahahahaa...

Boboy : Mummy...!!! tinyokk..!!!! ( =Mummy...!!! tengokkk)..tipper tantekk...( =slipper cantikk)
Mummy : ~tersengih~ Laaa..sapa punya tuu...???
Boboy : Mak unyaa.. ( =mak punya) mak is referring to his tok. As everyone in the house calling mom as 'mak'..he is calling the same too.. :-)
Mummy : Awat pakai mak punya slipper..? Boboy punya slipper mana..?
Boboy : Tipper tock Boboy unya.. (Slipper crocs Boboy punya) ~cakap pun terbalik jgk..Boboy punya slipper crocs)

Hahahaha...my boy he talk a lot..Until me and hubby feel like we don't need radio in the car as he talk so much about everything and anything...

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