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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fun Time Over the Cloud

On top of the feeling of the big day of mine last weekend, we had such a fun moment over the cloud at Genting Highlands..yeee haaaa....

Right after settled everything at UiTM in regards of my graduation, took studio photo, returned the mortar board, the hood and robe, we headed back to the guess room at Cendana College Shah Alam to pack everything to go to Genting, the place of fun at the peak.

It was a heavy rain day that day and credit to Mr Hubby with the help of Mr GPS, we reached the cloud after about 1 and a half hour driving from Shah Alam. This was his very first time drove up to reach that fun peak..Everyone were so in excited as there were so much of excitement awaiting in front of eyes..

Upon the arrival

The First World Hotel from my G11 lens.. ;-)

in front of the hotel main entrance

with all the family members, in front of the main entrance

Genting walk..in First World Plaza

Boboy was always keep on saying asappp...asappp...when looking at the full of fog environment..hikhiks..


Drama Mama said...

weee! gambar naik rides mana?????


Imma said...

Bai..ada dalam folder kat facebook..pi laa tgk..nak letak kat sini semua kang banyak sangat plak..hehehe..

Tapi kitorg tak masuk outdoor theme park pon..kat indoor jaa.. :-)