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Monday, June 14, 2010

Kenduri dan Kenduri Lagi

Attending to kenduri is one of thing amongst that I love..just because I like nasi kenduri so much. And this weekend was such a great spent that I had with my beloved boys as both of the weekend days had been filled with activities kenduri and kenduri..Rasa gemok jadiknya diri ini hari2 makan nasik..hihihiii

This is the Saturday's out..Tolong jangan tiru yeahh the smile trademark of my little boy.. :-D

After the one that we attended in Parit Buntar, home sweet home to MIL house there we go..but as usual, panas jaa bontot just being at home. Therefore, again we went out to Parit Buntar as Mr Hubby was highly craving for Omaq best Char Koay Teow. So we went out just for those two intention. The other one was to fulfill the little boy that craved for raisin sooo much..nak tercabut bumbung kereta matrix mummy dia jerit nak titmish (kismis)

 The presentation of Omaq best Char Koay Teow
Boboy: "Mummy..sapa nak habiskan bnyk-bnyk order nii..??"
Mummy: "Takpaaa..papa kan ada..papa bole abiskan.. :-)"
And here when the Sunday welcome, there were two kenduri were waiting for. The one was in kampung as the newlywed was Mr Hubby's friend. What a so nice meal, I love to had it but just ashamed to had it for the second round.. :-P But no worries as another kenduri was waiting for in Penang, the very near neighbor's daughter got married.
What a lovely family I have..Love u guys of my life so much..mmuahh..
Credit to incik tripod yang cenonet adiah dari uncle kedai kamera..:-D
Say cheeeseeeee...
Sitting at the back: Hubby's cousin, MIL
Front: of course myself, my little Boboy and Mr Hubby


Ehh..!! Kuchinggg...!!!! bangun lahhh..tengok camera tuh..eiishhhh...!!!


isabelle said...

sengihan dia tu mmg one of a kind la...hihihi.comel

Imma said...

Haa kann..macam mummy buat photo impose..part mulut tuh paste to b same for all pic..wuakakakaka.. ~isk..gelakkan anak sendiri.. :-P ~

Papakeechee said...

ah ha senyum same in all his pictures ... hahaha cute ... terikut ikut sejak baby kot?? =)

Imma said...

Tak jugak..dari kecik tak suka senyum kat camera..semua gambaq muka massammm jaa unless candid pic..

Skrg ni jaa galak bila tgk camera..org baru prepare to capture, dia sengih siap2 dah..nyum nyum..nyum nyum...dia kata.. :-)) wuakakakaaa

Drama Mama said...

hahaha lawak. irfan sengih camtu gak sbb dia tak reti senyum. sengih ja reti. tapi irfan akan nampak rabbit teeth kat depan ja so terserlah kejongangan nya. irfan jongang! wakakkakaka

Imma said...

Hahahahaha..lawak laa Bai nih..kekekee..
Aa ahh..Irfan sengih pun nak tergelak tgk gak..irfan gigi rabbit..gimme 5 irfan..dulu aunty kat college pon org panggil gigi rabbit.. :-P