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Monday, June 7, 2010

Lunch Treat @Johnny's

Last Saturday, we have initially a family gathering as usual each of the month and this time aroundwe had plan for steamboat at sis house at Seberang Jaya.

At early in the Saturday morning she called me up to remind of the gathering and asked us to get dressed up seems like she is bringing us out to somewhere. And right after I had finished all the house work for the weekend, we headed up to her house as planned and there they had ready waiting for us to go out, yes as expected.

We went to AEON Seberang Perai City stated some where in Bandar Perda BM and the spot place to dine in was uncle Johnny's corner. And therefore this had became my very first time having meal at Johnny's steamboat rest. Weee...bestnyaaaa...!!!

The food was just nice, not to say tooooo good and not that bad..I am not that fussy (chehhh....konoonnnn..!!!) but the food is just good and since Boboy can finished half of the rice from my bowl, that was much much much more than good enough..

I bet this was the treat from sis as in a way for her of announcing the great new news to us as she has an arrival for a new baby soon in this coming December (31st as the due date will be)..I am the one that soooo excited as I thought that I would announce the news first before her but the luck is just for her before me..seronoknyaa nak dapat baby lagi..aku nih bila pulak nak buat announcement ntahnyaa..hihihiii...

And instead of having lunch there, I was yet still had some space to grab a pair of my fave tudung syria to top up the collection in my wardrobe. My Mr Hubby had just nothing to say than ogling from a distance with a bitter smile.. :-P


Drama Mama said...

dulu masa keja rajin makan johnny's sebab pi ngn colleagues.baru ni sugest kat amin tapi dia dah No Wayyyy!No!. hahaha...langsung tak reti makan steamboat.

Tapi nasik goreng dia semua bolehhh la kan takla sedap sangat.

Imma said...

Jom kita pi skali nanti...
Kata kat Amin..bukan susah pon..Bai masa2 kat dia..then dia tinggai makann jaa..bukan susah..

But I do prefer Seoul Garden steamboat lagi compare to this Johnny's..lagi sedap.. :-D