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Sunday, June 6, 2010

PUMA instead of NIKE!

Last Friday we had a small wander time at Quennsbay Mall as the hubster feel like going out since the whole week we never get to anywhere as usual..Terasa macam aktiviti jalan-jalan kitorg semakin berkurang..ntah kenapa..

We were thinking of buying our little munchkin a new pair of shoe for months ago since his current one is almost no longer to fit on his feet anymore..kasut tuuh makin mengecik laah..

I had blogged out about being a chief invigilator some time last month during the MUET examination and here the time come for the allowance got paid. As promises to my little boy when I have to leave him very early in the morning with his tok even it was Saturday, here baby I pay it just for you for being a good boy.. :-)

Me and Mr Hubby were really insist to get NIKE for him, the hubster's fave tag and we had have in our mind which design we would want to buy. But for same reason that actually we did not feel happy to buy that design was because........~cerita lain kali lah..~

Luckily we had came across with this sweet nike nice design by PUMA..

sila abaikan permainan dia yang bersepah merata-rata tuh erk..

Does it look cool to fit my little handsome guy..hikhiks..bergaya sakan bila mummy bagi cuba pakaii right after we reached home.. :-)

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