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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Half Has Past..Another Half is Coming

Today will be the last day of June 2010..and the end of today means that we had past the half of the year for year 2010..

Looking back about one year back, I was striving so hardly to get to what I have today..Counting the days during that time was like waiting for million of years to come..But I am so thankful of what I have now..

I am listing of what had I achieved since past the one year in my cool and thus much to challenging life...

June 2009 : hardly bearing a really big challenge while need to struggle for final examination and at the same time the heart was soooo missing a lot the boys that I love so much..

July 2009 : striving so hard again to finished out the teaching practicum but really thankful to Allah as I could undergone it in my hometown which is Penang and be by my boys side..

November 2009 : finished with all the studies matter and time to rest and spend time pampering my little boy with so much at his indulgence.. :-) love the moment a lot..

January 2010 : the new year and the new life then begin when I had been posted and so lucky I was when been attached back to the school that I had doing my teaching prac..I love very much about every single thing that were in front of me that time..And yet, the title as 'TEACHER' then crafted into my life and being my soul anywhere..I was so happy at the infinite words could tell..

March 2010 : Started with little business of my dream and thank God syukur alhamdulillah as everything goes fine and I am fine doing it..

April 2010 : Expending that my little business to the next level and still it is a little but at least I did it as an improvement to be this way..

June 2010 : Planning for the next step to step up if with God wills..I really wanted that dream to come true.. :-) So friends, please pray for me and wish me all the best. TQ.. :-)

To anyone and everyone that read this quiet post, please do leave your comment to share of what are the achievements that you have gained within this one year time period..Hence readers..YOU ARE TAGGED..!! but with leaving the comment rather than of posting tag entry post will do instead.. :-)



Papakeechee said...

wow congratulations on all of your achievements and also something to ponder about kan ... what did I achieve during these 6 months??? lemme think ... (1)completed a year of my masters program n one more year to go (2)Presented my own paper masa conference dolu (3)Hari ini marks my last day ganti posa (bole??)... hehehe tat's all la tat I can think off .. tak achieve banyak pun ... ^_^

Imma said...

Thanks dear..
Btw..congrates to you too..it os not the matter of how many achievement that we gained even though it is only the little one but yet it is better than never rite.. :-) Chaiyukk...!!

Eti said...

wow, impressive!!! congrats... all the best for the coming half year!!

Imma said...

Thanks Eti..
Don't you want to share yours.. :-)
BTW, all the best to you too yeah..!!