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Monday, June 7, 2010

Buy Any One Item and Get Another Onefor FREE...!!!

Remember I had once blogged out about our shopping @OFO Penang for our little boy's clothing and guess what..?? without knowing since when the sale had running out, today when we were on the way back from Gurney Plaza, I was telling Mr Hubby few times to buy few pcs of Jeans to Boboy in the larger size just in case in the future we will have difficulties of finding it due to the fussiness of the dad and the mom :-P

Mr Hubby was the most one particular about buying the expensive stuff when it come to the Brand and quality esp. Therefore Boboy will always get the affordable one from OFO, Brands or sometime FOS for his clothing..Sebenarnya mak nyaaa lebih berkira and cerewet.. :-P That's why I asked Mr Hubby to drop by to OFO and find at least one or two.

Last time we got the CK jeans for Boboy with the price of around RM50 and to your knowing, today's achievement was wayyy better than before where by the price of less than RM50 we could get TWO..I do repeat..TWO pcs of jeans for him..bessstt tuuu as the sale is sounds as BUY ANY 1 ITEM and get another one at the same price or lower for FREE...!! again..for FREEE...!!

So guys, especially to those who has started to shop for baju raya anak you may not want to be left out from this great sale offer..!! Hurry before that Singa tribes grab them all...!!! Boboy got another CK and Timberland jeans..wueeee...jelesnyaaa as the Levi's jeans is too small to fit me... uwaaa...!!!kalau tidak sure dapat dua Levi's jeans for me tooo


Drama Mama said...

dah pi sehari sebelum hangpa.mula nak beli utk raya gak(untuk BAPAK irfan) tapi tak beli apa lagi sebab amin nak ajak adik bai pi..boleh share.

sale dia sampai 20th june. tak sabaq nak pi nanti.

Imma said...

Haa..logik gak kan share share nih..bole jimat..dapat bayaq stgh harga..Bijak laa Amin niii...hehehehee..

Tapi kena cepat Bai..smlm kami pi ada Singaporean mai dua bijik keta, sebijik stream sebijik Odessey..sakan depa punya borong mcm nak bawak balik meniaga..seriuss...!!