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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Of Shooping @OFO a.k.a ORS Factory Outlet

Nowadays many people are talking about this ORS Factory Outlet which is ORS as been known as Over Running Stock. Or also well known as OFO (macam UFO plak dah bunyiknyaa) as well..I just have no idea why do they called it that way..hehe..shopping jaa taw..!! sebab taktaw.. :-P

Anyway, this are of our shopping today there at Penang newly opened ORS Factory Outlet somewhere in the heart of Penang very near by to OUM (Open Uni Malaysia).

The initial plan was that Mr Hubby intended to find some shirt. He was so long wanted to try to wear a long sleeve shirt but never once try or even find one to suit him.. But with today's walk, we managed to find one but sadly not for him..It was for our little bundle of joy..Boboy..haishh..Boboy dapat lagi...

CK jeans and shirt..smart yeaa..from OFO

Huh my boy, please faster to grow bigger as there were quite a numbers of suits that we had bought for you..just to wait for you to get suit to wear it..memang sengaja beli saiz besar sikit last time..so boleh pakai lama sikit and bila dah besaq nii..hehehee..

Carter's jeans and shirt gifted by my sister when she undergone for business trip to US some time last year.

Polo Shirt with Place Jeans, got from QBay Brands Outlet sometime last year..

Baby Gap T-Shirt and Khakis, shop in the park @ OFO Juru AutoCity

Baby Q T-Shirt and Pants online shop from SnoringKidz

Carter's Jeans 3T in size yang takdak pasangan lagi..saja beli saiz besaq sbb dah jumpa yang berkenan, so beli jer laa..

By the way, last but not least, scarf for mummy too..yeaa from OFO today..dah lama cari baru jumpa yang berkenan di hati..weeee..

Thanks really to my lovely Mr. Hubby..generously he bought for his love ones even he never yet found one for him..tsk tsk tsk..


idah said...

waaa..best la boboy dapat baju baru...cantik2 pulak tu...
harganya macam mana kak??murah ke??

Imma said...

harga kat OFO wayy cheaper than harga kat butik dia...so why are making an option..its already the reason and answer kan...overseas branded stuff kann..anakku pon dah berpuluh..and this are cheaper that them, local product..sad to say it..sorry..huhuhuuu

Lady of Leisure said...

wah comel2 baju boboy..
pandai mummy dia pilih..

Imma said...

Hiks hiks...papa dia pon pilih jugak..biasa laa baju org lelaki..lelaki punya taste jer laa yg laku..mummy tukang suggest jer..

But still ada yg mummy pilih jugak...weee.. ;-)

Papakeechee said...

cute cute semua baju dia ... yang paling cute yang dari SnoringKidz tu ... Mr Octopus ^_^ but how come tak leh access the snoring kidz blog eh??

Imma said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Imma said...

ahaks..thanks..yang snoring kidz tuh cute but pants dia nipis sikit laa..all in all still cute really baju mr octopus tuu..hehe..

btw, link Ima bg tuh silap kot..
http://snoringkidz.blogspot.com (updated)