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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Happy 15th Month Birthday Sayang

Boboy is now completed of 15 months old by Feb. 1st last Monday. I feel so proud of him day by day when he is getting smarter and smarter..nak nak sekarang dah menceceh mulut dia bercakap..semua benda dia nak sebut..nak tegur..

What make me so happy is he is now so clearly sound out calling his mommy with the correct pronounciation instead of in the pass he called me as mama but after a while suddenly had changed to 'nanna'..but now he could say and call me as 'mommy'..

Mummy pi sekolah pun tuk dia bgtau dia sekejap2 asik jerit panggil 'mommy..!! mommy..!! pantang mommy masuk bilik air nak mandi pon jerit panggil sambil gegarkan pintu..hahahah..Boboy you are now a big boy okeyh..he is now can be asked to do something for mummy or papa..and dah pandai sembang through the phone.. :-) so at anytime I called him up through his tuk's or achik's handphone he will sure would like and able to speak to, provided he is not asleep laa..

What else hummph..I just have no idea to tell so much about him this time..nanti ada lagi I will sure update for more..

Anyway, have a pleasant weekend to all bloggers and may your day full with happiness and the merrier..HAPPY WEEKEND..!!!

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