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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Kawan Lama

Yesterday was kinda memorable day really as Allah had provide HIS bless for me to meet with my very old best friend. She came all the way from Jay Bee to have her training at Penang Western Digital as she is now servicing the company at JB. So we took the opportunity to met up yesterday evening..

Me and hubby fetched her at Western D and after that we head up to have our dinner. Initially we planned to bring her for Best Siamese TomYam in Penang but she wish to have chay koay teow and there fore we brought her for it..Yeaa, Penang best char koay teow.."Sedappp..." she said. ~wink~

After Maghrib prayer at Mesjid Bayan Baru, me and hubby brought Nani to Feringhi Night Market..I don't know whether the place was nice to her or not but at least I had showed her up with something kinda Penang spot place. "Nani...sedap tak nasi lemak Hill Side tuu" and the answer I think you better ask her and I bet that she will have to answer.. ;-)

Actually Nani is my coursemate during the study time in UKM and we had been separated right after graduated in 2003 and the last time we met up was during our 1st degree convo in Aug 2003 and until yesterday then we met up again..huhu..I felt like crying to see her yesterday when I recall back all the memories that we had went through during the pass time..

Tolong abaikan kaki anak aku yang Tidak berkasuT TuH erk sbb dia baru bangun Tido and MasiH ngigau2 lagik..Mommy dia Terus ajak berposing ngan Cik Nani.. :-D

As whatever happened in the pass and will happened in the future ahead, I will still miss the moment together and wish us for all the good things to this friendship. I will always miss and love you my dear friend.


adcom said...

lame x jmpe nani..kem salam kt dia naa...nmpk mcm dh berisi skit kn daripada dulu kurus sgt2...hehe...

Imma said...

aa ahh..dia dah berisi jugak laa dari dulu..dia cakap husband dia asik panggik dia gemuk..gemuk jer..hehehe..unlike u adha..slim melim jer menten..jeles aku wpon aku masih kelihatan sedikit slim (buweekk perasan laa aku).. :-P

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