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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Alhamdulillah..Rezeki Lagi..

After I won a lucky draw for promoting a blog by SQUARE BOXERS some time last year, then I got another luck for being a good friend to Baby Ibu blog last monthand now in a way of waiting for the present arrival from Yana..

Today after a long time I had never been to Eiya's blog due to the BZ-ness that I had been trapped in, tonight I took my few minutes to blogwalk and guess what a surprise that had made me and Mr Hubby so happy. Look..!! he is the 3rd winner of the "Sweet Picture Anak Bersama Ibu" contest..CONGRATULATION to us..hehehee..

I just don't really expect that this is the end of the participation of the contest as I had involved in so many contest all this while but there was no luck to be mine but yet it is now came true..The last time I dropped by and saw this is the last update from her, DOUBLE CHECK..!! I did went through it and there were hundreds of contestants and there fore I did not put any hope of it until I had missed out all these updates JURI TENGAH SERABUT KEPALA and this TOP 10 post from Eiya. Tak sangka my pic had been selected in the first 5 photo. And as usual, after blogging some post in my blog then I go to do my visits and until my eyes came across to this post PEMENANG CONTEST by Eiya. While clicking to the link with the intention of wishing congratulation to all the winners with not expecting that I am about to wish it to myself..hehehehe...

This is the pic that presented us in the contest

My little boy, you make mommy and your dad feel soooo happy tonight..The story of the participation..?? yes you may click HERE as the contest need some short story behind the situation illustrated in the pic. We (me and Mr Hubby) would really like to thank to Eiya and all the judges for selecting us to be one of the winner.


Lady of Leisure said...

alhamdulillah... ini yang dikatakan murah rezeki kan..
happy for all of u...

Imma said...

hmm..tuu laa..Thank God..

Anyway, thanks to u too Lady for the wish.. :-D

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