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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Of 6 Days Holiday

Hmm..I have just nothing to do during this long holiday..I have on hand 6 days of holidays to be finish out but I have no idea of what to do. Hubby is just have Saturday and Sunday as a rest day and tomorrow will be back to work again. Of our weekend..?? just passed through like that with not much activity. Yesterday we had our small family gathering celebrating my sister being hired for her new post and today, mengemas bilik and shopping barang-barang dapur kat Giant.

I just wonder why I have not in cooking mood today..huh..!! We had our dinner outside today, aduss kesian kat semua org hari nii..dapur tak berasap :-(
  • Monday : i bet the day will be as usual, mengemas and masak utk Mr Hubby to come back for lunch. Rasa macam nak buat vege soup with fishball Boboy's fave..
  • Tuesday : I am thinking of sending my sister to Taiping as she is attending a month training as a beginning of her new job.
  • Wednesday : aduss..apa nak buat erk..sekolah bukak lambat lagi..huhuu
  • Thursday : Hmm..a day that i could get myself ready to school for the next day perhaps like menggosok baju utk sekolah, baju kerja hubby, etc etc etc...
It is kinda bored diary note..no..?? That show how bored I am going through the long holiday with no activities in plan..hmmm..Rasa macam dah lama tak ke QBay tuu..esp now is the CNY festive season and I bet you that my hubby will not feel like going out sbb taknak bersesak-sesak dgn manusia yg beraya tuu..Abg...don't you feel like hanging out to somewhere..?? kita jalan2 window shopping kaa..makan2 kaa..nak takk..?? ~wink wink~


Lady of Leisure said...

huhu so far i pun takde plan ape lagi untuk cuti ni... nampak gayanya dok rumah je.. lagipun cuaca skrg panas smcm kan..

Imma said...

Haa..tuu laa..sbb panas laa yg jadi malas tuu esp part nak bersiap..aduss...xbessnya sambil bersiap tuh dah panas berpeluh muka belum apa2 lagi..huhuu..klu duk dkt ngan genting or cameron ker..bes gak nak hang out kann..

Cameron..?? hmm march school holiday plan tuu.. ~wink2x~

Yess..!!great deal to duk umah jer laa..