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Friday, February 19, 2010

Boboy and His Counting 123 Board- Book

We (me and Mr Hubby) had got this for Boboy for about 3 weeks ago while surveying in Tesco Extra as a beginning to him of learning 123 as early at age 15 months old but I don't think that the baby/toddler at this age will discover that 123 but more to the illustration presented in the book. And my little boy had done it in not a month..Pandainyaa anak mummy ngan papa nih kan..weeee..

Okey let me show you the pics presented in the books and what he would say if I show him at one to another of the pages and ask him what are they..

'taw' = cow

'bear-bear' = bear

'beik' = bird

'iyur' = sayur

'peee' = fish

'uwer' = flower

'tititar' = kereta / car
(car and
kereta tetap disebut dalam 3 suku kata :-D)

'papaa' = kapal

'ppeee' = api

'boww' = ball

'too..tee..too..tee..teynnn..' = two three two three tennnn
( and the numbers 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 are yet to come..weekekekee...)

Does all of them sounds cute..or funny you think..?? hehehee..I bet it was a smart sound.. ~wink~


adcom said...

alalalala...cute la boboy bunyinye...bila la aunty dpt dgr ek...nnti suruh mummy record video ek...hehe...

Imma said...

ahakks..klu video WAJIB laa xder smpi bila xtaulaa dpt record ker tidak..dia tak suka bila suruh berposing depan camera..bervideo apatah lagi...huhuhuhuuu

nanti auntie dtg png bleh laa sembang.. :-D

idah said...

wah comey nyer boboy bacer...
nnti besar rajin membaca tu...

Imma said...

insyaAllah..itu satu doa jugak tuh kan..thanks idah.. ~wink~

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