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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Farewell Gathering @Seri Malaysia Hotel

One of school support staff had been promoted and been transferred. Therefore we are the Georgian Teachers gather @Seri Malaysia Hotel to celebrate for her leaving thanking her for all her help and support all the while she had been at the school.

Even though I just had dealing with her few times before during my practical training last year but she had helped me at least for something. Thank you Kak Ayu for your kind help and we would like to wish u all the best being at the new place.. ;-)

Souvenir from us presented by School Senior Assistant of Administration

With lovely colleagues. You are soooo cool guys..mmuahh mmuahh..
(chekgu-chekguu yang cheerful hokey..hahaha..)

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Imma said...

sukanyaa cikgu-cikgu nih...