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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sotong Goreng Tepung

I had never even once successful in making sotong goreng tepung..so bad, no..??But this recipe are came from my very old friend. We knew each other during study time for about 8 years in the pass..
  • marinade sotong ngan serbuk kari + cili boh at least 30 minit (sotong dah bersih buang yg hitam2 n potong ikut suka)
  • sotong tu celup ngan telur (pukul telur dulu)
  • salut tepung (aku guna tepung serbaguna adabi + tepung gandum half2 coz klu semua tepung adabi tu nnt gelap sgt color dia)
  • then goreng jgn lama sgt nanti over cooked dia liat (aku 3 minit dah angkat max pun 5 minit jer)
So what else to wait..lets put a try on this recipe..yeahh..And now is time for begging Mr. Hubby to get me some squid for tomorrow dish.. ~wink~

And to my dear friend Nana, credit for you and thanks a lot for the great deal of this yeaa..TQ TQ TQ..

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