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Monday, February 15, 2010

TAG - My Left Hand Writing

Answering the tag from L@n@ about how does your left hand writing looks like..Isn't is so sweet..?nice..??cute..?? or really ugly like mine..tadaaa... (but still look good I think..buweekk.. :-P)

Does this looks sooo tulisan cikgu?? kann..? if this is the way I write on the white board while teaching lahh kann, 2 waktu yang sejam lebih tuh wajiblaa tak akan cukup..hahahaa..

So cikgu L@n@, I had done with the homework that been given so very long time ago..Mintak maaf yer cikgu for the late submition..hehehee..and by the way thanks for tagging me.

And now is the time to give other people the same assignment too. Mama, Lady and Sueraya please yeah..
And to those that read this, you are tagged too..okeyh..GOOD LUCK..!!


Lady of Leisure said...

hehe.. lady dah buat tag ni... and i tag all my follower including you hehe...

btw tulisan you sangat cantik ok... tabik spring, serius! perfect...!

Imma said...

ehh..yer erk..klu camtu imma ader dua cikgu yg bagi dua assignment sama laa erk..hehehe..so ni kira submit utk Cikgu Lady skali laah erk.kekekekee..

BTW, camne nak buat tag sbnrnya erk..huhu..Imma just put the link that way jer..any other way?? as L@n@ buat link at comment window nih yg Imma taktau camne nak buat..huhuu.. :-)

Anyway, thanks puji tulisan left handed imma nii..tulis sebijik2, mmg nmpk kemas but klu tulis cam biasa right hand tulis..mcm cacing panas rasanyaa.. :-D

idah said...

tulisan tangan kiri cikgu memang cantik...hehehe..

akak..memang semua cikgu tulisan cantik ke??

Imma said...

k jugak..ada jugak cikgu yg tulisan tak cantik..but tulisan akak mmg dari kecik kemas and cantik - tulisan tgn kanan laa (perasan kan puji diri sendiri)..really sbb dari kecik mmg arwah ayah dah train tulis biar kemas and cantik2..klu tidak dia ketuk tangan..and tulisan arwah ayah pon cantik dan kemas sgt..