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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Diaper Cupcakes GIVEAWAY..!!

"Following the festive mood, the owner of Twinky Winky Stars is feeling very generous and would like to give away TWO DIAPER CUPCAKES, worth RM55 each, for free! Yes, she would love to have you 'sampling' the scrumptious cupcakes baked to perfection and delivered to your doorstep."

Hey! I love the creative hand craft of hers, and since she is organizing this contest so I would want to take this opportunity to join as well as putting the hopes to be one of the winner. Wee....

The reasons that pulling me of joining this contest is first because I hope to be selected as one of the winner. Second is i really love the craft and hope to get it one and third is there is no wrong to support her of what she is doing :-) (ini bukan membodek please..)

Here you go the terms and conditions to enter as below:
1) A Malaysian residing in Malaysia (YES! truly I am)
2) Relatives of 'Twinky Winky Stars' owner are NOT allow to enter this contest ( NO! I am not :-D)
3) Have your own blog or Facebook ( Yes! I do have one @ http://immasurya.blogspot.com/)
4) Follower of Twinky Winky Stars
(I am the 5th..yeayy..!!)

And now is the time for my participation slogan of fulfilling the contest's rules...I am participating the 2nd category, Diaper Cupcakes for Toddlers 1 - 2 y.o.

"I would love to win the delectable diaper cupcakes from TWINKY WINKY STARS (TWS) because here I could see the love that being crafted to be a creative monument as a sincere lovely gift of celebrating a love one."

This contest will commence now 12 February 2010 and will end at midnight, 28 February 2010.Winners will be chosen based on the most creative slogans. So what are you waiting for? Join the contest to be in the running to win their lovely diaper cupcakes for your babies/kids or give it as a unique gift to someone! Yeeehaaa...!!! Do visit @ TWINKY WINKY STARS for more information.


Drama Mama said...

checked!! good luck imma

Anonymous said...

hahahaha...bai tak bagi aku jadi juri...kalau tak mesti menang kat hang punyala - aman graseka-

Imma said...

Thanks Bai..

Imma said...

Aman Graseka:
ahahahahaa..abeh tuh sapa yg jadi jurinya..adus..xdak harapan nak menang laa klu camni..weee...

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