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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hadiah Dah Sampai..Yeayy..!!

Some time last month with the new spirit of 2010, I had submitted a participation to the contest organized by I!YA which was "Sweet Pic Anak Bersama Ibu" contest..and syukur alhamdulillah as we (me and Boboy) had dominated the 3rd place among hundres of the contestants.

And today the parcel had been arrived to my doorstep and my mom had received it on the behalf of me as I was having meeting at school this afternoon and reached home at about to be late already.

This is the parcel that I got today right when I reached home from school..

Jom zoom sikit bungkusan ni dari siapa and utk siapa..tadaa..hihihii..

What was so surprise, the prize were really sweet and sooo a lot..!! Many thanks to MYTOMEIOUTLET for being so generous to sponsored all the prizes. My little boy was really excited to see the 2 pairs or T-Shirt and pants and he was like laughing so happily. And here are two pairs of them which are really nice..

A pair of 'The Cars' T-Shirt and pants by Disney's Pixar from MYTOMEIOUTLET :-)

A pair of 'Elmo' T-Shirt and pant

And by the way, last but not least, this frame is really really really sweet and nice though and I am bringing it tomorrow to the school to be place on my table in the teachers room.. ~wink~

Again many thanks to the organizer and the sponsor. Wish all the best and bless to be coming a lot more to you guys in the future ahead. Aminn...


idah said...

cantik baju cars tu..
wah bestla boboy dapat baju baru:-)

tahniah kak...

Imma said...

Thanks Idah..kebetulan tuh nak jadi rezki dia..mummy dapat table frame..nak letak kat atas meja bilik guru nx week monday..hehehe..

Ruhaya Othman said...

welkam...n tq the wish...alhamdulilah boboy n mumy dia suka..risau gak klu adiah tue tak bkenan d'hati...gd luck teacher n boboy hehehe

Imma said...

ruhaya: thanks erk.. :-)

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