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Monday, February 1, 2010

I got it

Last month I brought myself to get involved in the contest organized by Yana from BabyIbu and end up with this..yeay..!! Yes I got something from it that promised to be giving away. I won..no? :-P

A part from it I would really want to share about is the content of the blog is really informative for all mommies out there to know about. She is sharing out a lot of info that she got from many sources as well as from her own experiences.

Telling the truth, I never know Yana physically although meeting her not even once. We knew each other and be friend from this virtual platform, being a blogger mama and yet I still at many times got help from her. Thanks a lot Yana. I love to visit her blog, read the stories posted by her and something that could me mind therapy..hehehehee..

so Yana..meh laa jadi peminat setia kami jugak a.k.a jadi follower yer.. ~wink wink~ nanti kami sediakan adiah untuk Yana pulak..hehehehee..

OK for the last but not least..this is the gift that I am waiting from her for being listed as the winner of her contest.. ;-)

wahh..mcm bnyk jaa adiah yang Imma akan dapat but takpalaa..kasik chance kat org lain utk dapat adiah jugak as the contest rules sorang peserta akan menang SATU hadiah sahaja..TQ..TQ and TQ Yana :-)

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