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Friday, October 29, 2010

"Gaya Si Comel Berhari Raya" Contest @BabyIbu

OK..salam for all..after for so long..here I come back with the mood of joining the contest..All this while pegi jalan-jalan jaa ke blog kawan-kawan..ushar2 update tapi tak berkesempatan nak tinggalkan jejak..But this time around, after visited here the mode had boost up to participate instead of only reading..

Ada kontes anjuran kawan-kawan blogger kita yakni Yana @BabyIbu and Cik Azzamoro..Ni banner kontes..klik kat sini utk maklumat lanjut tentang kontes yeaa..

Kontes ni bermula dari 25 september 2010 hingga 31 Oktober 2010..A very last minute of joining..InsyaAllah ada rezki Boboy ada laa..sempena birthday Boboy yang ke-2 tahun 1 November nii..hihihii...

Sedikit tentang Cara Penyertaan:
  • boleh join through FB or blog --> i choose blog..can write a lot..hihi
  • Ada 2 categories..A for Boys and B for Girls --> Category A for my little angel
  • Appointed juri yang akan adili --> so memang adil lah yerk
  • Keputusan juri MUKTAMAD -->kenyit-kenyit mata tak layan :-P
And here are my checklist on the contest conditions:
  1. Letak banner di sidebar blog <-- DONE
  2. Link BabyIbu and Azamaro dalam bloglist anda <-- DONE @Shopping Center
  3. Buat entry kat blog or FB <-- DONE - THIS IS THE ONE
  4. Upload satu (1) gmbr si comel anda bergaya dengan baju raya (baju melayu or baju kurung of course) <-- UPLOADED
  5. Kalau ada beberapa org anak..bole upload satu gambar setiap anak <-- DONE - 2 PICS AS APPROVED BY YANA (TUAN PENGANJUR)
  6. Nyatakan nama si comel dan umurnya <-- STATED
  7. Pertandingan terhad kepada si kecil berumur 1-4 tahun pada tarikh akhir penyertaan <-- BOBOY EXACTLY 2 Y.O sehari selepas tarikh tutup [HAPPY BECOMING B'DAY TO MY LITTLE ANGEL]
  8. Dalam entry kena mention tentang BabyIbu and Azzamaro serta SEMUA sponsors;-)..tertinggal yg ni means disqualified <-- PERFECTLY ARRANGED
  9.  Dah siap..tinggalkan comment and link kat entry kontes penganjur <-- DONE
OK..now lets see the pic I am betting for my little angel's luck..Mana tau rezki Boboy sempena his coming 2nd birthday this coming 1st November..These pics were taken during our Eids of this year :-)

Nama : Muhammad Danish Wafiq bin Muhamad FadziL
Umur : 1 tahun 11 bulan 28 hari

Listing down all the sponsors of the contest here ;-)

* p/s: MUST arrange them according to the alphabetical order yeaa..!! 

Wuishhh...SERIUSLY the prizes for both categories up to EIGHT (8) winners are really INTERESTING..CLICK HERE if you dare enough..definitely you will not let them go..huhhuu..!!! 

So...apa tunggu lagi..jom sertai ramai2 (dah ramai pon..I yang agak terakhir joined)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Hot Mama I am :-)

Seeking for sunglasses is the most hard thing for me in anyway and any situation. It would dragged me for years to find the one that really suit my face and the most important is to fit with my interest.

 Gambar hiasan: This pic was taken masa Boboy baru belajar bertateh2..like mommy like son.. ;-)

My latest sunglasses was Christin Dior which I bought from England Optical, Puchong IOI Mall a looooong time ago..it was in 2004. And the one before which was gifted from a friend that going back to UK sometime in 2002.
 with CD sunglasses pic version

Lately when I suddenly had came across with this while googling around about sunglasses and look at what I've found..It's really caught my pair of sight when I looked at it..Tiba-tiba terasa nak memperbaharui sunglasses yang ada.. ;-)

And really i had fallen for this one from Coach..Doesn't it look nice to me..?? and it seems good to be an anniversary gift I bet..bertuah laa badan kalau dapat... :-P And I hope that Mr. Hubby will came across with this blog post..ehem ehemmm...Anyone that so kind to present me with this....sila angkat tangan..!!! jasa baik anda sangat2 dihargai... :-D

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Which One Will Be Your Choice..?

There are two persons walking together..One is FRIEND and the other is LOVE..
Suddenly a Well came across their way and LOVE jumps into it..
Don't you know Why..???
Because LOVE is blind..
Afterward, FRIEND also jumps..
Now don't ask for Why again..
Because FRIEND will do everything for LOVE..

gambar hiasan :  @Padang Kota Lama..makan angin..
We start with a friend before and now we love each other.. ;-)

A - Antara cinta dengan persahabatan, mana satu pilihan kau..?
B - Berdepan dengan masalah sebegitu, bukanlah sesuatu yang menyeronokkan..
C - Cinta umpama rerama yang semakin menghindar pabila kau kejar..
D - Degup jantung berdetak lebih pantas daripada biasa pabila dilamun cinta..
E - Entah mengapa, entah bagaimana..
F - Fitrah manusia yang mendambakan cinta yang fana dari sesama kita..
G - Gagal untuk menilai murni tulusnya sebuah persahabatan..
H - Hingga tega membuang sahabat hanya kerna cinta..
I - Insan bergelar sahabat itu tidak pernah membenci..
J - Jiwanya penuh dengan kasih, penuh dengan ingatan tulus..
K - Kembaranya kini keseorangan - tanpa teman sejati..
L - Laranya kian menyeksa bak sembilu menusuk ke dada..
M - Mana mungkin mampu dibuang segala memoir suka dan duka..
N - Nian indah persahabatan itu
O - Oh, kini tiada lagi!
P - Pusara persahabatan kini di situ..
Q - Qada'Nya harus diterima dengan sepenuh jiwa..
R - Rasa terkilan terus dibuang jauh, sejauh-jauhnya..
S - Setiap detik yang berlalu, hanya menggamit kenangan indah itu..
T - Terima kasih yang tidak terhingga buat mu teman..
U - Untuk segala kenangan yang kita anyam bersama..
V - Versi ceritera persahabatan yang kononnya takkan terurai..
W - Walaupun diamuk badai dugaan, dipukul ribut sengketa..
Y - Yang menderita itu aku, kerna semuanya dusta..
Z - Zahirnya aku tersenyum demi menyimpan sebuah kisah duka tiada berkesudahan!

* excerpt from one of my FB notes..credit to Shima for sharing this..What a so sweet of you.. :-)

Why Do I Said Cloth Diapering Is Fun

Cloth diapering is being really fun to me day to day. I have been cloth diapering my little angel since early of this year until today. Boboy have quite a numbers of cloth diapers (CDs) collection.

And among all the collection that he have now there is the one that he really love as when everytime I took it out to put on him, there will be a short slot of learning for him. ;-)

"Mummy....ni ada lion.......tiger.......jilafff (= giraffe)......elifennn.....total (= crocodile)...while pointing to each and every single figure printed on the CD..
Mummy..monkey takdak ponn kann.."

Well Dear..monkey is on the other lampin cantek laa sayangg...and the mummy would love to reply the smart son..
"Yang ni baru ada monkey..."said the little boy when this cute Monkey & Friend printed CD come to the turn. And nevertheless, not only the printed CDs could be the stuff for his learning moment..the plain one too..
"Mummy..yang ni warna yellow kann...sama keta (kereta) papa laa.."
"Ni lampin chantek blue......"

Well, anyone would like to have this lovely moment of cloth diapering the lovely little one..please feel free to visit my blogshop at BabyCooL One Stop for the CD of your choice at the most bargain price..Happy parenting :-)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Mummy...!!! Kumtarr...!!!
While showing to me the blocks that he stacked. This lately he is excitedly stacking all the blocks as to the high as can..selagi laa tak habih semua blok2 tuu..sampai berdiri sbb tinggi sgt..

But then when the stuffs all fall down..mula laa nak mengamuk...arghhhhhh....!!! the whole district could hear he is shrieking...hahahaha..

BTW..KUMTAR is means K.O.M.T.A.R..al-maklumlaa..as origin as he is..orang Penang laa kata kannnnn.... :-D

Monday, October 11, 2010

Kids With Lego

Lego bricks helps in developing children mind and IQ..How far do people would agree about this..I am one of them..

Usually when we look on the lego packing, there will be the warning stated that it is suitable to the kids at age 3 and above but most of parents tends to buy them as early as the kids could sit by them self and hold thing and perhaps the kids would stay for long 'studied' on it.

My little angel is getting two very soon. He got the brick pieces from his aunt during his 1st birthday a year back. And what I did recognize on what is he doing all the while with the bricks was associating the bricks each other regardless what are the shape, color of course or even the size as long as they are assembled. That was the improvements many months ago.

And these few weeks lately, he started to know on recognizing the shape..the size as well as the same colors then only plug them together. And only last night was the time I had came across of taking picture about his improvement when while I was busy ironing the shirt for Mr Hubby, he came and pile them all in front of me..

Look at them which has been assembled according to its size of bricks..hikhiks..pandainyaaaa anak mummy... :-D

Lady Barbers

Last weekend was spent for the new beginning of a new career for myself instead of as an educator..as a wife..as a house wife..as well as a mother..I am now a 'lady barber' since the Hubster has no courage to do so due to the 'robustness' of our little boy.

We had a little time bonding each other when a mother telling the story of a penguin named Pingu while taking the advantage doing hair cut for him..as kalau tidak memang takkan berjaya..especially the part which is behind of his ear..silap2 boleh tergunting telinga woooo as he was keeping turning his head to look pf what his mommy was doing..

Dan inilah hasilnyaa..Does it look ok..I was thinking of resigning of being a teacher and start with this new career..ahaksss...

And other part...his ingenuity is really really apparent when the new haircut of him that reveal the 'kejendulan'..hiks hiks...

No worries my little boy..still you are the most handsome to our (mummy and papa) eyes.. ;-) ~wink~

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mengecewakan Laa...Tsk..Tsk...Tsk...

Yesterday was my last day settling the puasa enam...Syukran as at least I made it in the month of Syawal. Well, since I will be celebrating my raya enam, hubby took me for break fast at Sri Payung Mee Udang, the place where we were always visit to have prawn noodle.

It was the one of our favorite place amongst the stalls in Teluk Kumbar but the yesterday's dish was really really made us (hubby and I) so frustrated. The taste was no longer tasty like before..tsk tsk tsk...sangat sedeyhh..huhuhu..But still the huge shrimp had made my little one to sounded excitedly.."Wow mommy..!!! big-nyaa pownn (prawn)..!!"

"Kak Sri Payung..tolong laa kembalikan rasa macam dulu balik..uwaa..we olls frust taww..!!"

So for those that insist to try on this Penang Signature famous dish..you may want to go and survey from few mee udang stalls around Teluk Kumbar to find the better one..

Selamat makan-makan... :-)