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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Mummy...!!! Kumtarr...!!!
While showing to me the blocks that he stacked. This lately he is excitedly stacking all the blocks as to the high as can..selagi laa tak habih semua blok2 tuu..sampai berdiri sbb tinggi sgt..

But then when the stuffs all fall down..mula laa nak mengamuk...arghhhhhh....!!! the whole district could hear he is shrieking...hahahaha..

BTW..KUMTAR is means K.O.M.T.A.R..al-maklumlaa..as origin as he is..orang Penang laa kata kannnnn.... :-D


'NuReeN' said...

suka susun block tue yerr.. sama la cam elly, mcm2 bentuk dia akan buat..

imma dok bayan lepas area mana? nureen dok kat permatang damar laut..

Imma said...

Ehhh..sorry lambat reply to this comment...Hey girl dearie...what a small world ahh..Imma duk Permatang Damar Laut gaks lahh..ntah2 pernah terserempak kat pasar malam tp tak perasan kut..hikhiks..

BTW..mmg one of his fave activity..susun bricks blocks nih..hehhe

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