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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Why Do I Said Cloth Diapering Is Fun

Cloth diapering is being really fun to me day to day. I have been cloth diapering my little angel since early of this year until today. Boboy have quite a numbers of cloth diapers (CDs) collection.

And among all the collection that he have now there is the one that he really love as when everytime I took it out to put on him, there will be a short slot of learning for him. ;-)

"Mummy....ni ada lion.......tiger.......jilafff (= giraffe)......elifennn.....total (= crocodile)...while pointing to each and every single figure printed on the CD..
Mummy..monkey takdak ponn kann.."

Well Dear..monkey is on the other lampin cantek laa sayangg...and the mummy would love to reply the smart son..
"Yang ni baru ada monkey..."said the little boy when this cute Monkey & Friend printed CD come to the turn. And nevertheless, not only the printed CDs could be the stuff for his learning moment..the plain one too..
"Mummy..yang ni warna yellow kann...sama keta (kereta) papa laa.."
"Ni lampin chantek blue......"

Well, anyone would like to have this lovely moment of cloth diapering the lovely little one..please feel free to visit my blogshop at BabyCooL One Stop for the CD of your choice at the most bargain price..Happy parenting :-)

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