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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009 & Welcome 2010..!!

So sad to say good bye to 2009 that had given me millions of memorable moments to be remember of..not to be forgotten and of course a spirit for me to start with the new life of 2010..

Welcome 2010..Please God..I beg You to always bless my day and days ahead..for me to have a better journey..for me to catch the new and happy moments..for me to make my future better..stay together with my love ones..

I wish a lot for this 2010..and I believe that only ALLAH knows everything..

Salam tahun Baru untuk semua bloggers and wish u all the happiness and cherish moments to come in this new year...


Happy New Year 2010

☆☆░▓▓▓▓▓░░░░▓▓▓▓▓░░░▓▓░░░░▓▓▓▓▓░░░♫░░☆☆ ☆☆░░░♫░░▓▓░░▓░░░░░▓░▓▓▓░░░▓░░░░░▓░░░♥☆☆ ☆☆░░♥░░░▓▓░░▓░░░░░▓░░░▓░░░▓░░░░░▓░░░♫☆☆ ☆☆░♫░░▓▓░░░░▓░░░░░▓░░░▓░░░▓░░░░░▓░♫░░☆☆ ☆☆░░░▓▓░░░░░▓░░░░░▓░░░▓░░░▓░░░░░▓░░♥░☆☆ ☆☆░♥▓▓░░░░░░▓░░░░░▓░░░▓░░░▓░░░░░▓░░♫░☆☆ ☆☆░░▓▓░░░░░░▓░░░░░▓░░░▓░░░▓░░░░░▓░░░░☆☆ ☆☆♫░▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░▓▓▓▓▓░░░▓▓▓░░░▓▓▓▓▓░░░♥░☆☆

2009 is leaving and the new number of year is reaching.. Nothing much that I had and managed to get done through out this year..I wish I will have my life to be better than now and not forgetting of what I have this moment..thanks to God..family and friends that had made up our days all this while..

I am counting the seconds reaching new year..I wish to have better days ahead with new spirit..new hope and new ambitions with new challenges that to come..May Allah always giving HIS bless to me and my beloved family..

Happy New Year 2010 to all..!!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hari yang Sunyi

Since pagi..i suppose to go out to PPD and JPN but half of my way driving they called and told me that the person I was suppose meeting to had not coming to work..emergency leave..So I had my steering on my hand turning it back and drive to home..sakit ati jugak laa..

And a whole day today was a very silent day to me..Boboy tidor lepas tgh ari tadi..his abangs (my two nephews) dah balik Kelantan last night..Really i feel soooooo quiet without them around cheering my boy..Abe ngan adeq dah balik Kelantan last night and really I miss them a lot smpi my hubby said I was in sleeptalking last night talking something to Fakhri (Abe). they had been here at my house for two weeks spent their school holiday and through out the time, Boboy had a very much fun with them. I really happy to see them bonding happily together. Abe and adeq plak tak habis2 ngan cycling every evening and 2 days before they go back, they got a kite each one from their tokcik..dua hari melayan layang-layang laa..and I had fun playing layang-layang too with them yesterday..

the most sadness that I could see was from my little boy's face...he felt soooo bored without anyone for him to play with...sedihnyaa syg mummy keseorangan takdak kawan nak bermain2..but my little love..mummy sentiasa ada di sisi syg ok..main ngan mummy blh jaa kan...mlm ni kita ajak papa hang out to QBay jalan2 makan angin tepi laut nak....

I really pray to God and really hope with my mood which was really unstable as for now with all the challenges that comes..I still would be able to cheer u up my dear little son..Apa-apa pun yang berlaku mummy will never leave u dear and believe with God will...we will never be a part again..Amin....

To Abe and adeq, do study hard esp Abe..you are sitting for UPSR this year OK..ateh doakan Abe berjaya dgn cemerlang insyaAllah..

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Nescafe Ais Satu..!!

Hari ni sembang2 kat YM dengan Adha and she had gave me one of this really informative blog. Kitorang sembang2 pasal camna nak edit blog template to make it to be a 3 or more column blog page..and as I am not that good in playing with coding and what not, I told her that I just download the template from site such like cutestblogontheblock and ourblogtemplate and follow the instruction provided and therefore here you go the new appearance of my home.

But unlike Adha, she is the one that expert in playing with such HTML and other programming language as well as codes. She just make some code changes on her HTML code and end up with such a nice new look of hers..Jom visit as now she had new background as well as new template with 3 column presented. Chaiyaalahhh Adha ;-) So sesapa yang nak berlajar dari Adha, do PM her okeyhh..!!

Really I am soooooo impress with this blog owner of "Nescafe Ais Satu". He provides lots of blogging info as well as tutorial that we could refer to and new stuffs for learners like me. Thanks and thanks again Mr. Nescafe Ais..

Dinner @Sate Kajang Samuri

Last night we had our dinner at Sate Kajang Samuri as a last treat for our two nephews before they go back to Kelantan tonight as school season is just near the corner..Sedih plak as I just can't imagine how Boboy will be alone back without his two abangs like these two weeks..

So what we had last night were of course the satay..my two nephews really enjoy it and Boboy too..tak mau kalah jugak ngan abang2 dia..semangat betoi dia layan satay..habih 3 pcs jugak laa...hehehe..

The satay were just not so bad and not to say it's good although the satay were supplied by Samuri as it is not as fresh as the one we eat in Samuri's satay corner..The satay were kind of frozen items during the delivery and the peanut sauce and the chillies was kinda powder and they will need to mix it..So tak kan dapat exactly the same from the original fresh one..Anyway everyone of us really had a good time last night..

Sesapa yg nak pi cari kat mana kedai Sate Kajang Samuri ni berada di Penang nii..one of them ada di Jelutong as I notice from the banner at the previous restaurant..And the one yang kitorg pi ni ada di Kg Jawa, near by Public Bank and just beside the mamak restaurant.. ;-) area Petronas bayan Baru tuu..

Monday, December 28, 2009

BBQ @Air Terjun Batu Hampar, Serdang, Kedah

Aduh..lamanya bercuti dari blogging rasa mcm takdak idea nak mengarang dah but nak kongsi cerita pi berBBQ kat air terjun Batu Hampaq, Serdang Kedah..It was kinda family gathering again..makan-makan again with whole family.

We went back to kampung on Friday sempena cuti Christmas..dah lama tak balik kampung..And instead balik kampung jaa..we had a family plan again since cuti sekolah pun dah nak habis and my two nephews pun dah nak balik ke Kelantan semula esok..

This time around..kitorg semua berBBQ kat tepi sungai ditemani air terjun..wohhoo..!! bessssttt...!!! Who were in the event..of course my family a whole..me, my hubby and our little boy, my mom, sister with her hubby and their two kids, my two younger sister, my two nephews and kali ni ada MIL together..bess..besan bertemu besan..heheheee..

aktiviti bakar-membakar..mr expert..?? of course laa yg berbaju puteh berdua tuuu.. ;-) and the rest were the assistants jerrr.. ~buwekk~

The main course of the day..mesti laa BBQ...ada lamb black pepper, chicken wings, chicken drumsticks, sausage, otak-otak, squid and prawn. And more with us that day ada nasi lemak (my own hand made ;-) ), sandwich with sardine, fruits, orange drinks..aduss..mmg menjamu selera sakan laa yesterday..lupa seketika diet aku.. :-D sbnrnyaa selalu jaa buat-buat lupa

meriahnyaa anak-anak dapat main air..yess..instead of air terjun yg tinggi tuu..ada jugak anak sungai utk bebudak kecik and kolam utk mandi-manda..

and look at what they were playing with..ada kontes "mimik muka lawak"..and the winner goes toooooo... ~you guess ~ wink ;-)

Looking forward for the place of interest to gather and having activity with your family too..?? sini pun besst..ramai sgt visitors datang esp on the weekend and holiday..Luckily we were early to plot the best port to land on..dekat dgn sungai utk toddler nak mandi manda, as well there was a pool for them dekat dgn pondok yg kitorg lepak, and for those nak layan air terjun, kena naik atas sikit laa..about only 5 minutes walking distance..

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Holiday

Happy holiday..
selamat bercuti..
selamat berhujung minggu..
treat your weekend with smiles with your love ones..
mmuahh mmuahh..

from: imma, fadziL & danish

I got 3.55

I called up to faculty yesterday afternoon and spoke to the education executive at the end of the other line and asked him about what I got for my final examination result after being struggle about few months back during my dip in edu course and guess what I got..??

Yes I do impress with myself of what I got either no one would like to wish me congratulation or what not but I bet my hubby would be very proud of his wifey and REALLY he was..thank you dear..

Here I share the result of what I get:
  • EDU576: Management & Organization of Cocurriculum (A) - Thanking Mr.Sabbir for all the guidance and tak sia2 for all my effort with Gee and Sobri to get our Project of co-curriculum at school (SK Pelabuhan Klang) excellently successful.
  • EDU577: School & Society (A) - Thanking Mdm K, da best and vouge lect ever..miss u a lot..rindu gurauan2 kita gituh and miss the moment we hang out together gather for lunch last time.. ~wink~
  • EDU578: Measurement & Assessment in Education (A) - Prof. Sharif, thank you to you too. The most sporting lect ever and funny class that we ever had..miss that moment too ~beriya ajak bergambar with all of DPs roles and janji2 nak pakai baju F1 sama2..hahaha..
  • EDU579: Teaching Practicum (Passed) - Cik Fatin..makasih sbb dtg all the way from Shah Alam for the teaching observation..love u mmuahhh..
  • ADE665: Art & Design (A) - Class with En Abu and Miss Linda yang paling tak leh lupa..every lecture with En Abu all the way since 1st semester WAJIB gelak..tak sah kalau tak gelak in his class..haaa boleh gituu..Slalu kena perli..kena kutuk and kena haina ngn En Abu but I bet I was the one that he wont for get about..hahahhaa..Kelas En Abu mmg extremely the BEST. He had made my art skills being built up again after yearrrrrrs. Makasih En Abu..miss ya too.. ~tsk tsk tsk~
  • ADE585: Methodology of Teaching (B) - And thanking Pn. Harrinni for the best guide and references given throughout the semester, and lead us of being a good teacher..I miss u..
  • ADE535: Ilustration (C+) - and finally I got C+....C+ hokeyhh for this subject...Owhh..bonus for myself as my intention was just to get a C and the + is really the bonus for me..rezki and berkat usaha haku yang seciput utk subjek ni hahahaaa..actually tak and taknak usaha pon..Honestly telling that I have no heart of doing his product project and I just made it done utk amik syarat ada product jaa..sgt hina..ni semua kes sem lepas punya lecturer that made me demotivated as well been influenced by that for this subject..sorry to say..I hate of people that stab other people from the back just because of the jealousy..busuk punya olang..I pray to that person for her changes and be remembered that Allah will always repay of what you had done to people.. ~ehh..ter-emo plaks~
And the last but not least, all the lecturers in semester 1..Pn. Rohaya, Dr. Ros (mama), En. Rizal thanks for made my course successful and please pray for my future to have good undertaking too..I miss u guys so much and may Allah will always bless you all..Aminn..

And overall I got 3.33 for all my CGPA..Thank God..Syukur Alhamdulillah and friends, please pray for me to be posted..huhu..as now we still awaiting for it which is no one knows when it will come as been promises.. :-(

Rindunyaaa saat-saat menjadi student di UiTM through out this year..merasa zaman muda sekejap..hakshakss..

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Baju Baru Boboy

Yeaa..hari ni dapat parcel dari Wai @Snoringkidz..Thanks Wai..dah dapat dah parcel dari u..and items were in good condition..thanks again..Boboy..baju baru for you again...hehehe..here you are, the Baby-Q suit, Osh Kosh rompers and Thomas & Friends suit..they were really cute..hehehe...i like them..Can't wait for Mr Hubby to come back nak tunjuk baju-baju baru Boboy..yea yeaa...

Nangis kat Mummy Ariq

It has been quite some time I didn't go for contest and here I come again to have some fun with it..Joining Mummy Ariq, the organizer of this cute Nangis Contest and I am presenting my little cute bundle of joy yang kuat nangis..Kalau nangis tuu muka beriya sgt tercebik-cebik and this is the only photo yg I had managed to caps all this while waktu dia nangis sbbnya bila dia nangis tak sampai ati nak biarkan..mesti nak pujuk cepat2..tu pasal Boboy nih dajik manja teramat sgt..sikit punya hal pun nangis smpi kluar air mata..little drama prince of mine..

Name: Muhammad Danish Wafiq bin Muhamad FadziL
Age: 13 months old
D.O.B: 1 November 2008

This time when I was just came back from school..baru masuk rumah and he came to me terus nangis (ngada2 mcm laa lama sgt tak jumpa mummy dia nih)..then I carry him and put him sat on the sofa and this is the face of him, was still crying beriya smpi kluar air mata padahal takde pasal apa punn...Boboy....Boboy...

For those are aout to join this contest, here you go the contest rules as usual:
~ Copy banner kat atas ni, letak kat sidebar korang berserta link contest. Tak de link automatik tak layak k...

~ Jadi follower kepada ke-3² blog saya di bawah (WAJIB)
1) http://deazliyanish.blogspot.com/
2) http://dorbrooch.blogspot.com/
3) http://lolastation.blogspot.com/

~ Add kesemua blog di atas, di dalam bloglist anda (WAJIB)

~ Buat n3 & upload HANYA SEKEPING gambar anak anda (no edit²) yang tengah menangis baik punyer.... Letak nama dan umur (kalau anak ada ramai yang nangis, pilih 1 yang terbaik di kalangan mereka yer... letak bebanyak nanti, payah lak nak pilih..)

~ Cerita lah sikit, kenapa diaorang leh nangis masa tuh...

Setelah syarat kat atas ni complete, sila laa tinggalkan link korang supaya senang saya nak menjenguk k)

Tarikh tutup contest : 04 Jan 2010 @ 12.00 tengahari
Jom ramai-ramai masuk contest Mummy Ariq nii..yeaaa...!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I hate them..they are LIAR....!!

I am such not in mood in blogging these days..I feel like I have no hope for the thing that i really ambitious to..they seems like playing a fool to us..I feel like all the sacrifice that I did before were no means and useless for all..Why..?? Why..?? and why have to be these way..why it should happen to me and all of them out there that face the same fate like me..

Reason..?? they were giving the reason that I feel it was damn stupid and totally not reasonable and NOT AT ALL acceptable..I am so sad now..there are no such words to describe how i feel now..Should I back off..should I surrender..should I give up..should I just forget all about this..?? Should I..?? Should I..?? Should I..??!!!!!! arghhh...!!! ~tertunduk..lemah~

Tak mungkin semudah tuu..!! What does it means of all it..pengorbanan tinggalkan anak..tinggalkan hubby semata-mata cita-cita yang dijanjikan..but now I fell everything had gone crashed..and I just can't say anything and just do nothing about it..but I know life still have to carry on..even though it was such not a rezeki of mine and my family..i still have them..peeps around that sill love and support me and hence I should really thankful to GOD..
Alhamdulillah..but GOD please give me the strength so I could face all this with my piece of mind that going weak and weaker.. :-(

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pilot to be..No..??

This evening me and hubby brought our little boy to have fun at Smart Theme Park @Jusco Queensbay Mall..together with us were my two nephews (abg & adik) and my niece..Cousins bonding time..Abg and adik had so much fun enjoying their games together while Boboy and Cuha (Nasuha) were always with together sharing of what they have to play with..They are close together tp kdg2 berebut jugak..hahaha...nama punn budak kocikk..

Boboy had stopped to one of this gadget..at first he just sat on it and wondering if the thing could move or not..And once his Achu slot in the token and he got soooo excited of it..haahahahaa..we cant stop laughing at him bila tengokkan gelagat lawak dia..really I tell you..

Sayang mummy nii nak jadi pilot kaa apa nih...racer, no..?? but excited gila bawak awek kat sebelah..muaahahahahhaa...."Jgn merempit pulak yerk sayang...Awek kat sebelah tuh sure cuak looking at the way you was driving..hhehehee :-D

The New Make Over Finally DONE..!!

Finally, i got my blog been made over to have the new look..yeahh..after being with every circumstances during the progress I ended up with this new look..cheewahh..actually diri sendiri yg agak lambat nak buat.. ;-)

But anyhow, I had it to make myself satisfied of having a common template, now i came out with something different from previous..hehe..sapa nak mintak tolong make over their blog, I would be proud to help..chehh..!!bunyi mcm expert jaah kann..

So buddies, have a good time to drop by and comment of what should and should not be add or change to suit it better..ideas would be heartly appreciated..mmuahh mmuahh.. :-)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

In Progress of Upgrading

To my dear blogger peers and all my blog readers..(silent readers..you are included too)
Sorry for the improper arrangements of my blog layouts, background and what not..I am now making over of my blog looks..sorry for the messiness as for now and I myself really can't wait for it to be back to normal and for sure will be better than before..pheewww..heheheee..wish me the best..muehehehehee..maklumlaa org tak terer ~buweekk~

Friday, December 18, 2009

A Whole Day to PerLis

I had a loooonggg day yesterday travel as early as 5am in the morning and get back to home at 7.30 pm..huh..really tiring..but still a bunch of fun we had together..Hubby took leave to get me and sister company..

The journey was actually to Perlis. My sister was having an interview for being a GSTT (teacher) at SMK Syed Alwi Kangar Perlis. Initially the plan was I will get my sis company and drive there but at last minute, hubby sincerely took leave and get us company as we were leaving too early from home..

Adik aku dgn bertuahnya tak bersungguh nak interview anyhow have to go..so the purpose had been stated to the 2nd place and sbnrnya dia tergedik2 nak ke Gua Kelam..ntah apa ntah dia seronok nak cari kat situ..

Right after finished the interview, we went to Gua Kelam..jauh jugak dari Kangar tuh nak ke Gua Kelam, it took about more or less 45 minutes driving..about 40km to get to the place..meredah celah2 estet getah..

I've been to Gua Kelam many years back. It was in 1996..during my school time..Masa tu pegi ke UUM for SPM preparation program, so kira menyelam sambil minum air laah..banyak dah berubah..now they have tunnel, pool and waterfall for visitors nak mandi manda..and the new thing that we have no opportunity to try on was the train as it was under maintenance..Skrg dah ada train yg bawak whoever yg nak explore the cave instead of using the hanging bridge..therefore kitorg jalan kaki jaa sambil2 bergambar..

And together with us yesterday were my two nephews that came from Kelantan..saja bawak diorg jalan2 school holiday..
After been to the cave, we went to have our lunch at one of the restaurant yang pernah masuk program TV..Sorry to say if the restaurant have their business in Penang, they would be out of rank for the best place to dine for..hahaha..tak sedap langsung I wonder how could the program of yang makan-makan tuh laa said that this restaurant have the wonderful food to try on to...mencihh tao tipu2 camnii..

Mintak mahap laa yerk Tok Mek..ni comment ikhlas..I am stupid of being hypocrite.. ;-) but other people would have their own different perception and judgement..but if you ask for my suggestion of this, i rather say NO..maybe sbb Penang is really enriched with all the delicious and wonderful type of food yeah..really..

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

@4.00 am This Morning

The Sweetest thing had been recalled.. ;-) ~wink~

I was just came back from fetching my sister and my two nephews at Sg Nibong Bus Terminal..they just arrived..my sister went to Kelanan yesterday to bring them here to spend their school holiday at their tok's house..

I drove out at around 4am..the road was so empty and lonely like I was the one that only driving during that time..and only once in a while I could see the other car over took mine..and it was soooo difficult to see other cars moving like the actual bz-ness of Penang..

While I was driving..suddently my mind had came across to the sweetest thing..teringat masa the very 1st time I went out for my first date with boyfriend to be (he is now my hubby) was at this time..hehehe..we went out for supper @24hours nasi kandar..minum2 jaa ponn..

The IM conversation that took place that time ( after I had done with my case in the office @Dell during my night shift..)

Imma: aik..tak tidoq lagi kaa...?? pukoi berapa dah nii
Fadzil: saja laa nak teman org tuu..
Imma: alaa..setakat teman dlm IM..takdak maknanyaa..
~ silent for minutes~
Imma: ehh awak..jom kita pi minum jom (
saja2 jaa pun ckp camtu kat dia)
Fadzil: Ehh..betoi kaa nih..satgi saya mai naa..tunggu tau dalam 20 menet saya sampai Dell
Imma: elehh macam yaa yaa jaa.. (hahahaha)
~and the IM window just left silent like that as I cont with my work with the assumption he had fall asleep)..after a while suddenly my phone was ringing and...guess what...!!! he was already in front of the entrance taking me out for minum2...woaaahhhh...!!! I can't believe that he really meant with his words..sbnrnyaa itulaa masa yg dia tunggu2 punn to take me out setelah cubaan yg ntah ke berapa kali tidak berjaya..wink2x ~

It happened when I actually did not expect to be..saja2 sebut and things really happened..and I was like smiling alone in the car..miss the moment so much.. :-)

Owh Dear...how sweet was that time when I think it back..the moment when we were about to start falling in love.. ;-) hhmmmmm... ~termenung sekejap~ :-D

And OK for now..i would like to cont my sleep again...happy dreaming.. ~wink~ ZZZzzzzZZzZzzzzzzz........

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pangkor Trip - Part II

Family Trip to Pangkor
I had a super wonderful weekend as well as a holiday through out this year last weekend as we could gather all of my family members to have our family holiday and made it as a trip..where we had been..Yess..Pangkor..the place of interest where we could have a lot of activities far away from all the messiness..I love holiday..But why it is part II..here you go for Part I trip.

Banyak nak cerita tentang trip 3 hari ke Pangkor ni but I don't really good in telling it in a story..mesti panjang gilaa nanti..but i'll make it as interesting as I could to share the golden experience that I have had...

On last Friday as early as 7am we had left home for our trip..met my sister at Juru and cont our journey drive to Lumut..semua org (hubby, my sisters, BIL) took leaved on Friday as 2 days to go for trip won't be enuff..even 3 days pun berlalu tak terasa..Reached Lumut @10.30am and straight away boarding with the ferry to Pangkor and reached the island at about 11.30am..catch for the transport and chalet was almost passing the lunch time..And Pangkor...here we come...!!! the initial plan was to rent a van to have everyone together at everytime and everywhere we been in Pangkor but planned had need to be changed as the rental was really really go up out from our budget..believe it or not..almost triple wooo..!! crazy..!! and finally we end up with renting 4 motorbikes..and luckily we have everyone with the lisence even my mom ~wink~..yeeee haaaaaa...!! naik motor kat Pangkor and guess what..nasib baik sewa motor..klu sewa van SANGATLAA membazir as we stayed at Teluk Nipah, the heart of Pangkor where people will come for all water activities and the most happening knot to be in Pangkor..shopping..water sport..makan2..and all...

On the first day, after checked in and had lunch at chalet, everyone would like to take some rest before we go for the next activities..MEMANCING..!!! at around 4pm, we headed out for fishing activity at one of jetty near by to Teluk Nipah..and imagine..naik motor..konvoi sama2..hubby was carrying me, BIL with his wifey, youngest sis carrying mom and my another younger sis with our niece.. :-D ~funny but fun..really..!! After fishing apa lagi..mandi manda laa..picnic..and the most enjoyed the day were of course the kiddos.. ;-) love to see them sooo happy...
some of the activities that held on the first day got there..funny and fun..look at the pic which everyone with the cutest helmot on head...hahahhaa.....!!!! we were like laughing at each other..masing2 muka lawak pakai helmet sekerat.. ~ROTFL~

At night, we went for jalan2 on the beach, and there are a lot of shops selling stuffs like souvenirs, beach shirts and shorts etc..gerai makan and all...Its only Friday night but there already a lot of people..We get some stuffs like moms bought some shirts, souvenirs but unlike me, i felt like not buying anything..cari dress for picnic semuanya tak berkenan..the fussy of me

On the 2nd day, we had such wonderful day again..Left the chalet at very early in the morning for boating, snorkel of course..and other fun activities such like riding jet ski..wohhooo...actually the rate here was waayyyy expensive compare to Penang..maybe because of their fuel transport cost the rate to be sooo high..but once in a while to have fun..yoo..go for it yeaa...!!

Why we have to be early..nak kejar masa..takut lewat sikit nanti ramai sgt org..one of the beach boy had suggested us to be early..yes it was true..at the time we been to the beach pun dah ramai org and the boat keep go and back sending and taking people to Pulau Giam for snorkeling..Here are some pf the activities that were held on half of the day 2 being at the beach..

Back to the chalet at around 1.30pm..masing2 dah kelaparan except the kiddos yg at all time mommys will standby with food for them..Back to the room and had our lunch, took rest and nap but guess what..BIL tiba2 hilang while everyone were resting..tau tak..dia pegi memancingg....!!!! hahahaa...

In the afternoon at around 4.30pm, we again...convoy..!! naik moto seyhhh...!! pegi round pulau..taking pic and singgah ke kilang buat sate ikan and sotong kering..what else other than shopping..!! We bough such like fish and squid satay..pilih punya pilih..skali TINGGG..!! almost hundred..hubby yg bayar who else ;-) and after that he said.."woahh..!!jajan jaa berpuluh ringgit..." hahahha..skali skala dear.. ;-) ~wink~ and of course there are some for MIL..
menyinggah ke kilang sate ikan and sotong kering..
meronda2 pusing pulau..shopping at Pekan Pangkor and here you go some of the piccas.. ;-)

The last day we were there and now time to say sayonara..time to go back ans very less of half day activities..Planned to go to the beach for the last time for kiddos before leaving, but end up has to be cancel as we don't want then to feel so tired while boarding in the ferry, takut mabuk laut..And the plan had been changed to SHOPPING again..sister beli baju for her kids and i get this for me and boboy as hubby don't feel like to have one after enticing him thousands of time..

glow in the dark shirts..!!

After packing and getting ready for check out, here are some pics for the last but not least..Super duper fun time we ever had of this year..Tgh hari after checked out and sent back all the motorbikes, we headed to jetty for boarding back to Lumut but still there were times for photos.. ;-)

We hope to have such of this family holiday trip again ahead but not this place for sure..may be some other place..will look into suggestion and the majority voice for the place of interest to be visit..jeng jeng jeng...kena tunggu end of next year laa for such a big family trip..klu selalu xder budget akakkk...

So anyone would like to have their holiday, here you may want to consider to go to...Pangkor..such a freedom and nice place to be.. ;-) ~wink wink~

more photo click:

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Daging Korban..!! Part II

Seronok memasak-masak nii sbnrnyaa..Imma suka buat mcm2 resepi..kdg2 tya2laa dgn makcik..tok sedara laa..kawan2..and of course my sifu is my mom.. ;-) Apa pulak utk kali nii..stok daging korban lagi..hehehee

Daging Masak Black Pepper
1/2 sudu besar jintan manis (ditumbuk)
1 sudu besar lada hitam
1 biji bawang besar (tumbuk halus)
4 ulas bawang merah (tumbuk)
2 ulas bawang putih (tumbuk)
2 sudu sos lada hitam (optional)
bawang besar (dipotong bulat)
daun bawang + daun sup
2 biji tomato
Jom masak..macam mana..??
  • panaskan 4-5 sudu minyak sayuran, masukkan jintan manis yang telah ditumbuk, tumis sehingga naik bau
  • masukkan bawang besar, bawang merah dan bawang putih yang telah diutumbuk halus dan kacauu sehingga berbau harum tumisan
  • masukkan lada hitam dan kacau sehingga rata, masukkan daging
  • tuang 2-3 cawan air utk merebus daging dan rebus sehingga daging lembut
  • masukkan carrot dan biarkan mendidih
  • masukkan tomato dan kacau
  • akhir sekali masukkan daun bawang + daun sup, kacau rata dan matikan api
  • tutup periuk segera sebelum dihidangkan
  • menu sedia utk dihidang

* actually, daging boleh digantikan dgn ayam jugak bagi sesapa yg kurg minat dgn daging, and for those yg body conscious and don't really take beef, can change it with chicken..and here you go the looks, baru buat 2 hari lepas.. ;-) ~wink~
But bear in mind, ayam tak perlu rebus lama2 macam daging tao..nanti lebur isi dia..and klu taknak ayam jadi lembik sgt, gorg dulu suku or separuh masak mcm Imma buat ni..


The Discipline Tool Kit

I'm sharing this out as well as it will be really useful to us and every moms out there..Thank you Ulfa kasik info yg sgt valuable nii.. ~wink~

Successful strategies for every age

We've all seen them: the out-of-control toddler hurling handfuls of sand at the park; the whiny-voiced 3-year-old begging for candy in the grocery line; the sassy 7-year-old yelling "you can't make me!" at the restaurant.

And we've privately dissed their parents, reassuring ourselves that
we'd never be such a wimp if our child was terrorizing the playground or disrupting everyone's dinner.

But then it happens: the massive meltdown that takes you completely by surprise. And suddenly you
are that parent — the one flailing to figure out what to do. The truth is, every child presents discipline challenges at every age, and it's up to us to figure out how to handle them.

Why is discipline such a big dilemma? Because it feels like a tightrope act. On one side there's the peril of permissiveness — no one wants to raise a brat. On the other side there's the fear of over-control — who wants to be the hardliner raising cowed, sullen kids?

What we need is a comfortable middle ground to ensure that our little ones grow up to be respectful, caring, and well behaved.

First, the ground rules

To set the stage for discipline success, here are the bottom-line rules many experts agree on:

1. We're all in this together. Right from the start, teach your kids that your family is a mutual support system, meaning that everyone pitches in. Even a baby can learn to "help" you lift her by reaching out her arms, says Madelyn Swift, founder and director of Childright and author of Discipline for Life, Getting It Right With Children.

2. Respect is mutual. One of the most common complaints parents and kids have about each other is "You're not listening." Set a good example early on: When your child tries to tell you something, stop what you're doing, focus your attention, and listen. Later you can require the same courtesy from her.

3. Consistency is king. One good way to raise a child with emotional strength? Be consistent and unwavering about rules and chores, says Harvard professor Dan Kindlon, author of Too Much of a Good Thing. Even if you pick just one chore to insist on, your child will be better off, Kindlon says. "Being firm and consistent teaches your child that you care enough about him to expect responsible behavior."

4. Life's not always fair. We're so afraid of disappointing or upsetting our kids — too afraid, say some discipline pros. "If a child never experiences the pain of frustration — of having to share a toy or wait their turn in line — or if they're never sad or disappointed, they won't develop psychological skills that are crucial for their future happiness," says Kindlon. So if your child's upset because a younger sibling got a different punishment, for example, it's okay to say "I understand that this seems unfair to you, and I'm sorry you're upset, but life isn't always fair."

The tools: Babies, toddlers, and up

A disclaimer: These tools aren't guaranteed to work every time, and none of them will be right for every parent and child. But they will give you options — and what parent doesn't need more to choose from in his or her personal bag of tricks?

Tool: Lavish love
Age: Birth to 12 months (and beyond!)
How it works: It's easy to wonder whether you're giving in when you pick your baby up for the umpteenth time. Is it time to start setting limits? Not yet, say the pros. Responding to your baby's needs won't make her overly demanding or "spoiled." "It's impossible to spoil or overindulge a baby," says Kathryn Kvols, an expert who teaches parenting workshops on discipline and development.

In fact, the opposite is true: By giving your child as much love and attention as possible now, you're helping her become a well-adjusted and well-behaved person. "Your baby is developing trust in her parents, and she does that by knowing that you'll be there to meet her needs," Kvols says.

That trust means that in the long run your child will feel more secure and less anxious, knowing that you take her wants and needs seriously. She'll have confidence in you later, when it's time to set boundaries and lay down rules, and understand that you love her even when you correct her.

Real-life application: Your 4-month-old is crying even though you nursed her a half-hour ago. Your mother-in-law says to let her cry it out. Wrong, say experts: By crying she's telling you she needs something, even if you don't know what it is. Try walking with her, nursing her again, or singing to her. She needs to know you'll be there for her, even if all that's wrong is that she wants to be held.

Tool: Remove and substitute
Age: 6 to 18 months
How it works: Like the rest of us, young children learn by doing — so when your baby throws his bowl of peas off the highchair tray, it's because he's curious to see what will happen, not because he wants to upset you or mess up your clean kitchen floor.

That said, you don't have to stand by while your child does something you don't like. And you definitely don't want to stand by if your little one's grabbing for something dangerous. Take the object away or physically move your baby away from it. Then give him a safe, less-messy or less-destructive alternative. "Substituting something else will prevent a meltdown," Kvols says.

Make sure you explain what you're doing to your child, even if he's too young to really understand. You're teaching a fundamental discipline lesson — that some behaviors aren't acceptable, and that you'll be redirecting him when necessary.

Real-life application: Your 8-month-old keeps grabbing your favorite necklace and chewing on the beads. Instead of letting him, or continuing to pull it out of his hands, unclasp the necklace and put it aside, explaining simply that your jewelry is not for chewing. Then hand your baby a teething ring or another chewable toy and say, "This is fine to chew on."

Tool: Right wrongs together
Age: 12 to 24 months
How it works: Going back to the peas example above — there's a difference between a baby who playfully throws her bowl to the floor and a young toddler who knows she's creating a mess for Mommy or Daddy to clean up.

That turning point happens when your child becomes capable of knowing when she's doing something she's not supposed to, often around her first birthday. "When she looks at you with that glint in her eye and then drops the peas, you know it's time to do something." says expert Madelyn Swift. What you do, says Swift, is start teaching the concept of taking responsibility for her actions.

Real-life application: Your toddler's made a mess under her highchair. When she's finished eating, lift her up, set her on the floor, and ask her to hand you some peas so she's "helping" you take care of it. Talk to her about what you're doing: "Okay, we made a mess with the peas so we have to clean it up."

Tool: Emphasize the positive
Age: 12 months and up
How it works: This one's easy: Tell your child when you like how he's behaving, rather than speaking up only when he's doing something wrong. "It takes a bit of practice to get in the habit of rewarding good behavior rather than punishing bad, but it's more effective in the end," says Ruth Peters, a clinical psychologist in Clearwater, Florida, and author of Don't Be Afraid to Discipline and other books.

Real-life application: It's nap time, a potential battle zone with your sometimes resistant toddler. Head it off by praising even small steps: "It's so great that you stopped playing with your blocks when I asked you to. That means we have extra time and can read a story. If you lie down right away, we'll have even more time and can read two stories." Keep praising each improvement he makes in his nap time routine, and make it worth his while with rewards such as stories or songs.

Tool: Ask for your child's help
Age: 12 months to 8 years
How it works: Researchers know something parents may not: Kids come into the world programmed to be helpful and cooperative. All we have to do as parents is take advantage of this natural tendency. "Kids are innately wired to want to cooperate," says Kathryn Kvols. "A lot of times we parents just don't notice this because we don't expect children to be helpful."

A 2006 study backs up this idea: Researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology discovered that toddlers as young as 18 months already have full-fledged qualities of altruism and cooperation.

The way they demonstrated this was simple. A researcher would "struggle" to hang up a towel with a clothespin or stack up a pile of books. When he dropped the clothespin or tipped the books over, the toddlers would race to pick up the clothespin and hand it back, or restack the books. But when the researcher made the same mistakes without struggling — that is, without looking like he needed help — the toddlers didn't budge. They understood what it meant to be helpful.

Get your child involved in daily tasks around the house so she learns that everybody works together. "I recommend that parents find things their children can do, whether it's washing vegetables, feeding the dog, or sorting laundry," Kvols says. "You're teaching your child to be helpful, which is one of the most important life skills. We've found time and again that the people who are most mentally healthy are those who've learned to be of service to others."

While this may not sound like a discipline strategy, just wait: If you've taught your child to be cooperative, you can call on this quality when you need it. For example, giving your toddler a "job" to do can defuse some of the most common tantrum-provoking situations. Kathryn Kvols put this to use when her son, Tyler, refused to get into his car seat. She made him "boss of the seatbelts" — he had to make sure everyone in the car was buckled in before the driver could start the car. The battle over the car seat was over.

Real-life application: Let's take the grocery store aisle, site of infamous meltdowns. When your child wriggles to get out of the cart, you can hold up a box of raisins and say: "I need to get food for us to eat, and I need you to help me." Then hand him the box and let him drop it behind him into the cart. You can also ask him to be your "lookout" and help you spot certain favorite foods on the shelf.

Tool: Manage anger
Age: 12 to 24 months
How it works: Toddlers are tantrum-prone because they're not yet able to control their emotions, experts say. "Tantrums aren't really a discipline issue, they're about anger management," says Madelyn Swift. "Tantrums happen when kids don't get their way and they're mad."

Step one in this situation is to let your child calm down in whatever way works best for her. If she'll let you hold her, hug and rock her until she's quiet. If touching her only sets her off again, give her space to calm down by herself.

Don't try to talk to her about what happened until she's over the emotional storm, Swift says. But once it's over, don't let relief prevent you from addressing what happened. Instead, replay the tape and return to the scene of the crime. It's time to fix whatever mistakes were made.

Real-life application: Your toddler didn't want to get dressed and threw a fit, hurling toy cars around the room. Once she's stable, take her back to the toy cars and calmly but firmly tell her it's time to pick them up. If the task seems too daunting, split it up. Point to one pile of cars and say, "You pick up these cars and I'll pick up the ones over there." Stay there until your toddler has finished her portion of the job.

If she refuses and has another tantrum, the cycle repeats itself. But wait longer for her to settle down this time, and make sure she knows you mean business. Then back to the cars you go.

Tool: Talk toddler-ese
Age: 12 to 24 months
How it works: The secret to getting your toddler to do what's right — or to stop doing what he shouldn't — can be as simple as communicating in a way he can truly understand. Pediatrician Harvey Karp, author of The Happiest Toddler on the Block, tells parents to view their toddler as a "little Neanderthal" and talk to him as such. In other words, get down to his "primitive" level and keep it really, really simple.

Karp calls his communication strategy The Fast Food Rule because you're basically operating like a drive-through cashier: You repeat back the order, then name the price. Use short phrases with lots of repetition, gestures, and emotion to show your child that you get what's going on in his head.

Real-life application: Your toddler yanks a truck out of his friend's hands. Instead of plopping him down in a time-out or trying to explain why what he did was wrong — both strategies that assume your child's more sophisticated than he is — take a few minutes to echo what he seems to be thinking and feeling back to him: "You want the truck."

Validating your child's feelings will help him settle down, and once he's calm enough to listen, you can deliver your discipline message. But again, give him the stripped-down version: "No grab, no grab, it's Max's turn." Note: This may feel silly at first, but it will work.

Tool: Listen to "no"
Age: 12 to 36 months
How it works: "No" is one of the first words many kids learn to say, and it almost immediately becomes the one they say most often. As parents know, the constant negativity and refusals can get a little tiresome. Strange as it may sound, one way to prevent "the endless no's" is to try and take "no" seriously when your child says it. After all, we all have a tendency to repeat ourselves when we don't think people are listening, right?

Real-life application: Your toddler's running around in a dirty diaper, but she refuses to stop and let you change it. "Start by asking if she wants her diaper changed, and if she says no, say okay and let it go for a while," says Kvols. Wait five minutes and ask again, and if you get another no, wait again.

Usually by the third time you ask, discomfort will have set in and you'll get a yes. And knowing that saying no carries some weight will stop your child from saying it automatically. "The more you respect their no, the less often they use it," Kvols says.

The tools: Preschoolers and up

Tool: Use time-outs and time-ins
Age: 2 to 4 years
How it works: The time-out is one of the best-known discipline tactics, but it's also somewhat controversial. Some experts think time-outs don't work well, are overused, and feel too punitive — especially for young preschoolers. "When we say 'Go to your room,' we're teaching them we're in control, when we really want them to learn to control themselves," says expert Kathryn Kvols.

In fact, for some kids time-outs can be so upsetting that they trigger tantrums, something you want to prevent. To avoid this, treat time-outs as a brief cooling-off period for
both of you. (One minute or less is probably long enough for a 2-year-old. Don't start using the one-minute-per-year guideline until your child's at least 3.)

Let your little one know that you need the time as much as he does by saying, "We're both really mad right now and we need to calm down." Designate an area of your house as a self-calming place for your child (preferably this won't be in your child's room, which should have only positive associations), and direct him to go there for a few minutes while you go to your own corner.

Another possibility: Take time-outs together by sitting down side by side. You can also balance the impact of time-outs by instituting "time-ins" — moments of big hugs, cuddles, and praise to celebrate occasions when your child behaves well.

Real-life application: You said no dessert tonight, triggering a tantrum, and now your child's screams for a cookie are only slightly louder than yours. Explain that it's not okay for either of you to scream at the other, so you both need to calm down. Lead her to her self-calming space (Kvols says the only thing that worked for her daughter was to go outside into the garden), and then sit down nearby yourself.

When a few minutes have passed and the anger has subsided, explain that it's not okay to throw a fit to get what she wants and that you're sorry she's disappointed. (Hint: On a future night when a treat is okay, give her one and praise the fact that she's stopped fussing to get dessert.)

Tool: Try reverse rewards
Age: 3 to 8 years
How it works: Take a page from teachers everywhere — kids respond much better to positive reinforcement than to reproach and punishment. And they also like structure and clear expectations. Ruth Peters, the clinical psychologist in Clearwater, Florida, advises parents to take advantage of these qualities by setting up a system of rewards. You can make this system even more effective by reversing the usual rules — instead of giving rewards for good behavior, take them away for bad behavior.

Real-life application: Put a few things your child loves — these could be a Hershey's kiss, a new colored pencil, and a card good for an extra bedtime story — in a jar or box as the day's rewards. Then draw three smiley faces on a piece of paper and tape it to the jar. If your child breaks a rule or otherwise misbehaves, you cross out a smiley face and one treat disappears from the jar. An hour or so before bedtime, you give your child everything that remains.

The tools: Grade-schoolers

Tool: Teach consequences
Age: 5 to 8 years
How it works: We want our children to make the right choices — finish their homework before they turn on the TV, for example, or not play ball in the house. But when they don't, what do we do?

To handle problem behaviors, involve your child in finding a solution, says Harvard professor Dan Kindlon. For example, if he doesn't finish the night's homework, he may decide to wake up earlier the next morning to do it. Because this isn't a great long-term solution, make a plan for the future together: Does he want to do his homework before going out to play, or does he want to set aside time in the evening?

If he's been part of the planning process, it'll be a lot harder for your child to pretend he just "forgot." But be consistent in enforcing limits — if the plan is to finish homework after dinner, it must be finished before the TV goes on.

Real-life application: Your 7-year-old breaks a lamp throwing a ball in the house. Instead of scolding him by saying that he wasn't supposed to be doing this in the first place, tell him it's up to him to fix his mistake. Have him glue the lamp back together if he can — if not, he can do extra chores to earn enough for a new lamp.

Tool: Allow redo's
Age: 5 to 8 years
How it works: How many times have you wanted to take back something you said the moment you said it? Well, when your child sasses or snaps at you, and you snap right back, chances are everyone feels that way.

One way to maintain peace in the family is to allow "redo's" — a chance for your child (or you!) to say what she wants again in a more respectful way. "When you tell your child 'redo,' you're saying, 'I want to hear what you've said, it's important to me, but I want to be respected. So say it in a more respectful tone and I'm happy to listen,'" says Kathryn Kvols.

She and her daughter, Briana, even have a secret signal they use to tell each other to redo without having to say anything out loud. Asking for redo's when your child talks back keeps the situation from escalating. It also teaches her that speaking to people calmly is a better way to get the response she wants.

Real-life application: Your child screams "I hate you!" Stung and hurt, you immediately yell back, "Go to your room!" and the evening's lost. Instead, take a deep breath and ask your child if she wants a "redo" (or use your signal if you're in public). This gives your child a chance to articulate her feelings in a calm way rather than just exploding.

"You want your child to know that you're not trying to shut her up, and that you're capable of hearing the good and the bad," says Kvols. "Then you can address the issue that's actually at stake" — the underlying problem that prompted a regrettable comment in the first place.

Thank you for: http://www.babycenter.com/0_the-discipline-tool-kit-successful-strategies-for-every-age_1475318.bc


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Jom Belajar Mengira

It was just happened few minutes back and I just came back from it..

While I was doing the blog hoping, suddenly my mom called me up in my bedroom.."Ima...Imaa..mai tgk nih cepat..anak hang buat apa..pandai dia..."

And I get up and run to see what had happened in my mom's room..jenguk2 jaa kat bilik tuu Boboy tengah buat apa tau..mengiraaaa...!!! pandainyaa anak akuuu...!!! taking out one by one his diapers from it packaging and sambil mengira.."tuuuuu....taaaaaa...taaaaa" ~dengan gaya bahasa maksud tersendiri~

Dah selesai then pretending kutip balik satu dua diapers then nak masukkan balik dalam beg tuu yg padahalnyaa tak masuk ponnn... :-D then tepuk tgn konon2 dah berjaya kemas semula laa..to make me proud of him...

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Taiping Zoo :: Part II

This is my 2nd time visited to Taiping Zoo and hence the post become as part to entry and Part I visit was sometime around last year. That time Boboy was almost 6 months in my belly.. :-)

Me with hubby and our little boy is tightly sleeping..hohohoo..

On the 2nd day of hari raya haji few weeks back, me hubby and Boboy with my MIL went to Taiping Zoo..saja nak jalan2 and no idea where to visit, end up hubby decided to go to Taiping Zoo..so ikutlaa..takkan tgu kot.. :-P
With my MIL and Boboy is tightly sleeping in comfort..ZzzzZZzzzz....

Nothing much different compare to last year..yes it is..setahun jaa pun..nak berubah apanyaa..just only the gorilla dah tgl keseorangan..mana teman sekandang dia i have no idea..lupa nak tya kat penjaga zoo tu
Here some of the animals and variety species of them freedom in theoir planet.. :-D

And again this time around we didn't take the train and hence we could spend a longer time looking at the animals and taking pics as well, tapi agak penat laa jugak..

Sepanjang jalan dia kehairanan tgk binatang besar2 belaka, therefore muka jakun punn masammm jer tak senyum at all..And at the end of the journey, Boboy melayan playground and now only the time to see he is smiling and laughing excitedly..di 'kota' keriangan..ngeh ngeh ngeh...


After being many many many yearrrrssss not going for exercise as i used to do during my youngster's time, today I had made up my mind to go for hiking..(as yg younger sister at everytime she is going for hiking will shout at me "Wei..jom laa siap kita pi nek bukit..!!) During my school and study time, I used to go hiking at the same place that I went today but that time my stamina was not as bad as today..hohohoo..padan muka aku

Yess..terrible i tell you as i couldn't go for more than 5 minutes non-stop walking up the hill..my God..pancit sehhh..ntah kali ke berapa aku berenti..Luckily I have together with me my Miss Coach whom kept shouting at me "cepatlaa..cepatlaaa.." if she was not around I bet you I will sure get down and pretend doing something like joging or what not..hahahahaa... :-P

But seriously this was really make me feel good..I can feel that I am releasing all the toxin smell out from my body..berpeluh mcm mandi..I wish I could go again next time perhaps after all the sakit2 otot aku nih baik akibat kejutan, and start back my healthy life style as I used to practice about years back..

Jom layan piccas yg sempat di'capture' sepanjang perjalanan..sempat lagi kann.. ;-)
On the way going up is not that difficult, this is the one which the easiest path where by I don't need to climb or what not..tapi yg ni pun dah pancit..hehehee..Well, there is still time to go and practice make perfect bebehh..This is the only one pic of the scenary that i captured one I got to the top due to kepenatan..tak terfikir nak amik gmbr lain dah..huhuuu..But I'll get the better pics next time with hubby's SLR yg canggeh manggeh tu erk..buweekkk..mcmlaa dapat.. :-P

@Kenapa Anda Menulis Blog

Answering BabyIbu's blog post..menarik nih..Jom kita sama-sama kongsi pendapat masing-masing of "Why are we writing blog..??

Why do I blogging..Initially i had it in mine to write but I have no idea where to start..Seeing people writing in so many blogging sources such like fotopages, wordpress, and the most common is Blogger and ada banyak lagi tak tersenarai..masing-masing punya citarasa..

The eagerness of writing makin bertambah2 bila kawan-kawan asyik tanya bila nak buat fotopages..boleh laa catch up updates of each other as masing-masing dah jarang berjumpa..hence i started with my first writing with myfotopages..That time when I was an unemployed wifey, stay at home, just got married and of course belum ada anak..Actually pernah buat kat friendster tapi ntah apa2 jaa dalam tuu..

Fotopages actually not really convenient for me that time sbb nak upload pics is too difficult as we have to place the pics somewhere on the web gallery then paste the html code..alahaii payah laa..after that then i moved to use Blogger which is more convenient ~wink2x~ (alasankahh..) but something menarik about blogging in fotopages is boleh create our photo album for each entry..so instead of little pics in entry post, boleh tgk dalam album lagi..;-)

Other reasons why I started back with blog writing after months left my fotopages are:

1. bcoz i could get a lot of net friends whom I can share the stories and the experiences with..

2. ilmu yg ada bole dipraktikkan e.g coding, html, css etc (thanks to babyibu aka Liana, slalu bukak kaunter pertanyaan utk Imma)

3. salah satu tepat meluahkan perasaan jugak..sometimes i feel sad, happy, excited. Sometime I feel so bad, no where to talk to and therefore I talked in here :-)

4. Berguru dari mereka yg pakar e.g:menuntut ilmu memasak, jaga anak, petua, rumah tga..menarik..

5. Dapat info macam-macam e.g: tempat2 nak shopping or jalan2 makan angin, online shop etc etc..

And macam-macam lagi sbnrnya as long as we use it wisely..Betul kata BabyIbu, yang baik jadikan pengajaran and ikutan but yg tak baik tuh tolak jauh-jauh..And make sure of what we contribute in our blog as well will not offenced others too..

Happy Blogging..Cheers....!!!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

All Pics had Gone...!!! arghhh

Last weekend i had spent my little time of making the changes of my blog background and template and my goodness..all the pics on my sidebar gone..i believe it's been deleted and restoring previous HTML even doesn't help as it had been DELETED..huhuhuu..

Habeslaa dg all the contests pics and all my lovely photos...nak kena upload semula lah nii..hmm nak kena settlekan the template and the background completely changed then only upload back all the pics kot..huhuu..if not then i will have to upload it at everytime laa klu changes tak menjadi..argghhhh.... ~geram~

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Daging Korban..!! Part 1

This time around I feel like sharing out the cooking variety..Since now is the raya haji season and kat dalam freezer tuh masih tak habis2 lagii daging korban yang dapat masa raya few days back..and therefore masakan pon semua berunsurkan daging jer laa..And here you go the 1st round of it..

Daging Masak Kicap / Hitam (utk 1 kg daging):
5 ulas bawang merah (hiris)
2 ulas bawang putih (hiris)
bunga lawang, kayu manis, bunga cengkih & buah pelaga
3 sudu rempah daging
kicap pekat (ikut kesesuaian sendiri)
1kg daging (dipotong nipis)
sedikit daun bawang + daun sup
sebiji bawang besar (dipotong kasar)
  • Tumis bunga lawang, bunga cengkih, kayu manis dan buah pelaga dengan 3 sudu minyak masak
  • kemudian bawang merah and bawang putih, kacau hingga naik bau
  • masukkan rempah dan kicap dan daging
  • masukkan air utk lembutkan daging
  • masak hingga daging lembut
  • Sesuaikan rasa garam and penambah perisa (optional)
  • hiaskan mengikut kesukaan sendiri (i used to have tomatoes, carrots and friend potatoes)
  • taburkan bawang besar, daun bawang + daun sup di akhir sebelum angkat.
  • Hidangkan
I bet it would be the lovely meal for you with your love ones :-)
I love to prepare all the simple dimple meal but the most important is to have the great taste of it..yummy..

I am BAD...!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sedihnyaa...I'm so sad..It's now almost 5am in the morning and my eyes seems like not to close yet..I'm thinking of myself..what gonna to happen to me tomorrow and the days after..I'm scared to meet mr tomorrow to come..i'm worried of what he would bring with to me...I'm sad for being so bad throughout this year

2009 is gonna get to the end and 2010 is coming..I pray to God and wish to have the better year and years ahead to come..I had been so bad through out this year..I just don't know why I could feel this way..Sedih jadi org tak berduit...useless of myself as i can't contribute anything to my family. ~nangis~

People, do imagine that I had quit from getting more or less 3K drawn every month..I don't mind as there will be my dream is waiting ahead but now I have no words to tell what is goin' to happen if it is not for real..Ya Allah..please show me the way and give me the strength to go through all these feeling..

I can't shop of my interest (i don't mind of this), I can't contribute for family expenses and I can't give pocket money to my mom was the most frustrated. And I can't do anything with 1.3K allowance given..it's totally not enuff even to support myself in campus..but thank God for providing people around me whom are so kind to help..Paling sedih bila terpaksa pinjam dari sisters.. ~nangis lagi~ My sisters, I believe you guys is reading my blog silently, I really appreciate of what you guys had sacrificed to help me..

And things that happened last night was when I went to QB Mall, I had came across with some stuff that I wish I could get it but the size I'm looking for was no longer available..again I don't mind but what had made me to feel so bad was when I can't afford for another additional amount of money which hundreds is wayyy more than it..beribu apatah lagi laaa..and again I had missed the thing that i really wish for years I could get it..

Here I could see why the people tends to give up with their life when everything they wish they could get but yet they can't just because they don't have money..I can't afford to be a 'hamba duit' yg kerja siang malam as I love my family so much, I can't afford to leave my boys just because of it but I also can't afford when I have no money to comfort myself and though my family..

Boboy, please apologize mummy okey..I am not purposely doing this to you and neither our family but bear we still have papa..He had sacrificed a lot for us..Maybe not this time from mummy but I'll make sure to make your future to be better than what I had went through insyaAllah but please promise me that you will be a good servant of Allah when you grow up and strive the better life for us yeah..I love you and papa so much as no words can describe it my dear..

~therefore dear, mummy tak boleh tido sepanjang malam nii...sorry for not hugging you this whole night~ MAMA..I am proud of you but too bad I am not as strong enough as you.. :-( i am kinda give up of myself for being so bad all this year...Please GOD i hope for the better days and years ahead to come to be with the person that i love soooooo much..Aminnn...

Makasih En. Ayam Jantan for reminding me that it's now already SUBUH..nak pi semayang sat then nak tido..good night..erppsss...good morning...papaiii.... ~ i wish i could fall asleep later :-( ~