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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dinner @Sate Kajang Samuri

Last night we had our dinner at Sate Kajang Samuri as a last treat for our two nephews before they go back to Kelantan tonight as school season is just near the corner..Sedih plak as I just can't imagine how Boboy will be alone back without his two abangs like these two weeks..

So what we had last night were of course the satay..my two nephews really enjoy it and Boboy too..tak mau kalah jugak ngan abang2 dia..semangat betoi dia layan satay..habih 3 pcs jugak laa...hehehe..

The satay were just not so bad and not to say it's good although the satay were supplied by Samuri as it is not as fresh as the one we eat in Samuri's satay corner..The satay were kind of frozen items during the delivery and the peanut sauce and the chillies was kinda powder and they will need to mix it..So tak kan dapat exactly the same from the original fresh one..Anyway everyone of us really had a good time last night..

Sesapa yg nak pi cari kat mana kedai Sate Kajang Samuri ni berada di Penang nii..one of them ada di Jelutong as I notice from the banner at the previous restaurant..And the one yang kitorg pi ni ada di Kg Jawa, near by Public Bank and just beside the mamak restaurant.. ;-) area Petronas bayan Baru tuu..

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Lady of Leisure said...

ahhhh.. tergoda iman i tgk gambar2 sate ni... sangat sedap...
i kapai pi samuri suka sate perut tembusu... sedap kan dia punya sate..