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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pilot to be..No..??

This evening me and hubby brought our little boy to have fun at Smart Theme Park @Jusco Queensbay Mall..together with us were my two nephews (abg & adik) and my niece..Cousins bonding time..Abg and adik had so much fun enjoying their games together while Boboy and Cuha (Nasuha) were always with together sharing of what they have to play with..They are close together tp kdg2 berebut jugak..hahaha...nama punn budak kocikk..

Boboy had stopped to one of this gadget..at first he just sat on it and wondering if the thing could move or not..And once his Achu slot in the token and he got soooo excited of it..haahahahaa..we cant stop laughing at him bila tengokkan gelagat lawak dia..really I tell you..

Sayang mummy nii nak jadi pilot kaa apa nih...racer, no..?? but excited gila bawak awek kat sebelah..muaahahahahhaa...."Jgn merempit pulak yerk sayang...Awek kat sebelah tuh sure cuak looking at the way you was driving..hhehehee :-D

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