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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

@Kenapa Anda Menulis Blog

Answering BabyIbu's blog post..menarik nih..Jom kita sama-sama kongsi pendapat masing-masing of "Why are we writing blog..??

Why do I blogging..Initially i had it in mine to write but I have no idea where to start..Seeing people writing in so many blogging sources such like fotopages, wordpress, and the most common is Blogger and ada banyak lagi tak tersenarai..masing-masing punya citarasa..

The eagerness of writing makin bertambah2 bila kawan-kawan asyik tanya bila nak buat fotopages..boleh laa catch up updates of each other as masing-masing dah jarang berjumpa..hence i started with my first writing with myfotopages..That time when I was an unemployed wifey, stay at home, just got married and of course belum ada anak..Actually pernah buat kat friendster tapi ntah apa2 jaa dalam tuu..

Fotopages actually not really convenient for me that time sbb nak upload pics is too difficult as we have to place the pics somewhere on the web gallery then paste the html code..alahaii payah laa..after that then i moved to use Blogger which is more convenient ~wink2x~ (alasankahh..) but something menarik about blogging in fotopages is boleh create our photo album for each entry..so instead of little pics in entry post, boleh tgk dalam album lagi..;-)

Other reasons why I started back with blog writing after months left my fotopages are:

1. bcoz i could get a lot of net friends whom I can share the stories and the experiences with..

2. ilmu yg ada bole dipraktikkan e.g coding, html, css etc (thanks to babyibu aka Liana, slalu bukak kaunter pertanyaan utk Imma)

3. salah satu tepat meluahkan perasaan jugak..sometimes i feel sad, happy, excited. Sometime I feel so bad, no where to talk to and therefore I talked in here :-)

4. Berguru dari mereka yg pakar e.g:menuntut ilmu memasak, jaga anak, petua, rumah tga..menarik..

5. Dapat info macam-macam e.g: tempat2 nak shopping or jalan2 makan angin, online shop etc etc..

And macam-macam lagi sbnrnya as long as we use it wisely..Betul kata BabyIbu, yang baik jadikan pengajaran and ikutan but yg tak baik tuh tolak jauh-jauh..And make sure of what we contribute in our blog as well will not offenced others too..

Happy Blogging..Cheers....!!!!


Lady of Leisure said...

kenapa i berblog...? hihi..
i rasa blogging ni best sbb boleh share buah fikiran, berkongsi resepi, tips etc..
i jugak suka kongsi pengalaman dan baca pengalaman orang lain..

Imma said...

hmm..bess kann..for those yg created blog utk berniaga pon bagus..boleh i shopping2..xyah penat kena jalan2 :-P (tp sbnrnya suka jugak jalan2 nii)

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