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Friday, December 18, 2009

A Whole Day to PerLis

I had a loooonggg day yesterday travel as early as 5am in the morning and get back to home at 7.30 pm..huh..really tiring..but still a bunch of fun we had together..Hubby took leave to get me and sister company..

The journey was actually to Perlis. My sister was having an interview for being a GSTT (teacher) at SMK Syed Alwi Kangar Perlis. Initially the plan was I will get my sis company and drive there but at last minute, hubby sincerely took leave and get us company as we were leaving too early from home..

Adik aku dgn bertuahnya tak bersungguh nak interview anyhow have to go..so the purpose had been stated to the 2nd place and sbnrnya dia tergedik2 nak ke Gua Kelam..ntah apa ntah dia seronok nak cari kat situ..

Right after finished the interview, we went to Gua Kelam..jauh jugak dari Kangar tuh nak ke Gua Kelam, it took about more or less 45 minutes driving..about 40km to get to the place..meredah celah2 estet getah..

I've been to Gua Kelam many years back. It was in 1996..during my school time..Masa tu pegi ke UUM for SPM preparation program, so kira menyelam sambil minum air laah..banyak dah berubah..now they have tunnel, pool and waterfall for visitors nak mandi manda..and the new thing that we have no opportunity to try on was the train as it was under maintenance..Skrg dah ada train yg bawak whoever yg nak explore the cave instead of using the hanging bridge..therefore kitorg jalan kaki jaa sambil2 bergambar..

And together with us yesterday were my two nephews that came from Kelantan..saja bawak diorg jalan2 school holiday..
After been to the cave, we went to have our lunch at one of the restaurant yang pernah masuk program TV..Sorry to say if the restaurant have their business in Penang, they would be out of rank for the best place to dine for..hahaha..tak sedap langsung I wonder how could the program of yang makan-makan tuh laa said that this restaurant have the wonderful food to try on to...mencihh tao tipu2 camnii..

Mintak mahap laa yerk Tok Mek..ni comment ikhlas..I am stupid of being hypocrite.. ;-) but other people would have their own different perception and judgement..but if you ask for my suggestion of this, i rather say NO..maybe sbb Penang is really enriched with all the delicious and wonderful type of food yeah..really..


Imma said...

agak2 Tok Mek terasa tak baca post nih..huhu...mintak mahap bebanyak erk Tok Mek.. :-(

Drama Mama said...

chaish Top...emergency konon!!!-amin-

Imma said...

emergency aarr..kena hntq bini aku..mana bleh biaq depa pompuan2 suma pi jauh2 drive sendiri..

Lady of Leisure said...

rindunya nak balik perlisss...

Imma said...

hehehe..eh..aa ahh laa kan..Lady sgtlaa berkait rapat dgn Perlis ni kan ~wink~

But I found that Perlis sgt sunyi kan just can't imagine it when the night has come..but nice place..aman..tenang..jauhdari kebisingan bandar.. ;-)

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