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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

@4.00 am This Morning

The Sweetest thing had been recalled.. ;-) ~wink~

I was just came back from fetching my sister and my two nephews at Sg Nibong Bus Terminal..they just arrived..my sister went to Kelanan yesterday to bring them here to spend their school holiday at their tok's house..

I drove out at around 4am..the road was so empty and lonely like I was the one that only driving during that time..and only once in a while I could see the other car over took mine..and it was soooo difficult to see other cars moving like the actual bz-ness of Penang..

While I was driving..suddently my mind had came across to the sweetest thing..teringat masa the very 1st time I went out for my first date with boyfriend to be (he is now my hubby) was at this time..hehehe..we went out for supper @24hours nasi kandar..minum2 jaa ponn..

The IM conversation that took place that time ( after I had done with my case in the office @Dell during my night shift..)

Imma: aik..tak tidoq lagi kaa...?? pukoi berapa dah nii
Fadzil: saja laa nak teman org tuu..
Imma: alaa..setakat teman dlm IM..takdak maknanyaa..
~ silent for minutes~
Imma: ehh awak..jom kita pi minum jom (
saja2 jaa pun ckp camtu kat dia)
Fadzil: Ehh..betoi kaa nih..satgi saya mai naa..tunggu tau dalam 20 menet saya sampai Dell
Imma: elehh macam yaa yaa jaa.. (hahahaha)
~and the IM window just left silent like that as I cont with my work with the assumption he had fall asleep)..after a while suddenly my phone was ringing and...guess what...!!! he was already in front of the entrance taking me out for minum2...woaaahhhh...!!! I can't believe that he really meant with his words..sbnrnyaa itulaa masa yg dia tunggu2 punn to take me out setelah cubaan yg ntah ke berapa kali tidak berjaya..wink2x ~

It happened when I actually did not expect to be..saja2 sebut and things really happened..and I was like smiling alone in the car..miss the moment so much.. :-)

Owh Dear...how sweet was that time when I think it back..the moment when we were about to start falling in love.. ;-) hhmmmmm... ~termenung sekejap~ :-D

And OK for now..i would like to cont my sleep again...happy dreaming.. ~wink~ ZZZzzzzZZzZzzzzzzz........


are_shie said...

waaa... romantik yer encik fadzil itu.. la ni romantik camtu lagi tak? hahaha

Imma said...

ehh..musti arr...tp xdak arr kluaq2 pkl 4pg lg dah.. ;-) laa nii masing2 kt umah laa ~wink wink~

Drama Mama said...

haaa i miss falling in love too!!! syok kan ;-) especially first time jumpa. ;-p

Imma said...

ehehehee...sooo sweet kann..but kitorg punya 1st date tuh kebetulan and tak disengajakan..hahaha..but still sweet... ;-) weeeheee...

Skrg dah tak jatuh cinta dah...dah zaman bercinta ponn..but in married version.. ;-)