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Monday, October 25, 2010

Hot Mama I am :-)

Seeking for sunglasses is the most hard thing for me in anyway and any situation. It would dragged me for years to find the one that really suit my face and the most important is to fit with my interest.

 Gambar hiasan: This pic was taken masa Boboy baru belajar bertateh2..like mommy like son.. ;-)

My latest sunglasses was Christin Dior which I bought from England Optical, Puchong IOI Mall a looooong time ago..it was in 2004. And the one before which was gifted from a friend that going back to UK sometime in 2002.
 with CD sunglasses pic version

Lately when I suddenly had came across with this while googling around about sunglasses and look at what I've found..It's really caught my pair of sight when I looked at it..Tiba-tiba terasa nak memperbaharui sunglasses yang ada.. ;-)

And really i had fallen for this one from Coach..Doesn't it look nice to me..?? and it seems good to be an anniversary gift I bet..bertuah laa badan kalau dapat... :-P And I hope that Mr. Hubby will came across with this blog post..ehem ehemmm...Anyone that so kind to present me with this....sila angkat tangan..!!! jasa baik anda sangat2 dihargai... :-D


Papakeechee said...

wah!! gila speckey ya!!! ... heheh ... btw boboy cute pakai shades tu ... macho! ^_^

Imma said...

Ahaks..macho kah..?? hihihii..
But mommy dia mmg sgt gilakan 'shepeck' dan sangatlaa susahnya mencari shade yg berkenan di hati..ni pon after the latest bought sometime in 2003..huhuhuu..

Haishh...lambatnyaa menanti ketibaan dia..risau jaa kut tak match to my face..huwaaa...!!harus ku meraung sekuat hati dah beli mahal2 jauh2 nii..tsk tsk tsk..

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