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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Again My Little Chef That Most Helpful

I told u thousand of time that my little boy was a really really helpful boy..Don't you believe me..?? Just a little sneak preview all about him during his small moment..All of his doings is all about to help his mom..

Remember about this post..?? Arranging all the kitchen stuff while the mother is busy with the cooking businesses for the hubster to come back for lunch..

Still don't want to believe..?? come and have a look at here when learning could be a helping time instead..The bunch of his diapers been arranged from the drawer onto the floor..This is much to learning part and improving his counting skill. Hahhaa...please excuse us.. :-P

Arghhh...seems no one to bother that I am telling the truth..Still picture might be the one can tell the stories but video might tell the real situation I bet..And therefore, please pay your attention to the below video..hikhiks..

Yesterday, when his Achik wanted to wash her car, this little boy whom always being a helpful guy turn out first to carry everything macamlaa besaq sangat nak husung semua..

Carrying two pail together in a stack might be too heacy..tak larat angkat lahh..!!

Therefore, tarik one in each hand is much more easier and lighter.. :-D

And when it comes to today as no one at home just the two of us, again he came as he is.."mummy..nak tombok..!!". It was actually the time I was doing my business preparing the lunch meal for Mr Hubby..

Sorry for the quality of the picture as my HTC camera could not performed so well in capturing the movements..as the DSLR professional is working.. :-P

And as everyone would want to believe when the video can tell the real story of the live moments.. :-)

Please give him a very high credit to his high effort of doing kerja-kerja menumbuk...wuakakakakkakaaa..

OK OK...now mummy believes in you Boy, you are such a great little boy..the most helpful and the one that no doubt, you are the most funniest si kecit that make your mom and everyone instead smile and laugh at all time..


Drama Mama said...

haaa boleh lah jadi chef esok besaq. hehehehe

Imma said...

Haa Bai..tuh laah..suka sgt kerja2 dapoq nih..agaknya time ima ngandung dia suka memasak kot..hihihihh

Nadiah Sidek said...

wah..rajinnya anak teruna ni..senang la mummy nnt ;)

Papakeechee said...

wah siap tumbuk onions tu ... tererrrrr!!! ^_^

Imma said...

Nadiah sidek:
Haahahaha...kalau sampai besar macam nii..sejuk ati mummy dia nih..harap2 macam nii la..Aminnn..

Imma said...

Haa..apa mummy buat dia pon nak buat skrg..and hari ni nak tlg gorg ikan keli yg meletup2 tuu..hahahaaa