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Friday, April 23, 2010

New Collections is Now Begins..!!

Wuaaa...Sorry for keeping a very loooong time to come out with the new post in my blog as there were a lot of stuffs waiting these few days lately..Even though today as well I just had done with the briefing for all my invigilator for tomorrow duties..I really feel like I will not be able to sleep tight tonight just because of the task that is really challenge for me tomorrow early in the morning..Anyway, just wish me all the best since I am really really new in this important area..
Yeahh..actually I have a lot of things to share out of course about our "Georgian Family Day trip to Cameron Highlands" last weekend. Yess I will do it, no worries..But yet, again time will tell..hikhiks..I had something to just show you, seeking for your comment as well since my previous post about this new tudung of mine and now, here I show you how does it looks alike when its been attached on my head..arghhh...agak jengkel jugak laa kann..But I don't care since I am the one who really want it..easy to handle..save of time..no need to iron :-P kalau dah malas tuh ngaku jer laa kan..

This pic was taken by Mr Hubby during our Family Day Trip with Georgian to Cameron Highland ;-) credit to him..mmuahh mmuahh..

But really, I had fallen in love with this kind of tudung syria and to Mr Hubby, thanks again for your really kind and support of buying me the new collection of this...Mmmuahh mmuahh..love u..

The new collections is now begins..

updated by April 24th

Please disregard the oily and gemok face as this is the pic that was taken right after came back from monitoring the MUET exam..sangat letih dan kelaparan..huhuu..on the way out for lunch @4pm with Mr Hubby and little boy of mine..Boboy yang kekonfiusan apa mommy dia buat letih2 nii..aahhaahahaa


Drama Mama said...

ok cun dah tu, bole beli banyak lagi. haha

mana gambaq cameronnya?

Imma said...

tak cun pon nak beli lagi jugak nanti..hahaha.."boleh kan abg kann... ;-)"

Nasib baik dia pon suka gak..hehehe..Maybe sbb dah biasa pakai selendang kot kan..

Gambaq Cameron..?? nak upload laa tp bnyk sgt..nak kena buat slide jugak laa nampak gayanyaa..tunggu naa..

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