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Saturday, April 24, 2010

It's Finally Done..! Thank God

It was a very tiring day of today for being a chief invigilator for MUET exam..It was my very first experience..It is not a so difficult task as I thought earlier but only there were a lot of stuffs that need to be carried out properly without any missing. You had been putting a really high responsibility of handling everything from the start to the last but anyway..thank God..syukur alhamdulillah..I had done it very well even for the first start..credit to myself..hurmmphhh..

Balik-balik tuh seriously kelaparan and kepenatan as I just took plain water all the time from early in the morning until everything had finished at around 2.40pm..wajib laa lapaq terketaq-ketaq..!!
Anyway..thanks to all my invigilators that really put on your great effort for making today's tasks done so well..Will really appreciate it till ever..You guys are really kind and committed..May Allah will always provide HIS bless to you..Amin..

Sunday is welcoming and yet I still have no activity in mind.. Rasanya hari untuk merehatkan diri lah kut since exam mode will be coming again after this MUET exam..Preparing mid term questions of course together with the answer scheme..Arranging the task and schedule with Examination Secretary and etc etc etc..Yes it is me..for being a dedicated CIKGU..InsyaAllah..


nita said...

Salam Imma,

Lama x baca blog hampa...ni baru satrt aktif balik mengudate blog. Banyak aktiviti hampa bila hujung kan...best sgt! Rajin2 nnt lawatlah blog kami k...bye

Imma said...

Xpaa nita..ok laa tuu...tks anyway still lg igt kt kami..ampa sht kaa..?

OK..will b yr blog follower.. ;-)

penyamOun said...

awk ni cgu ek...

Imma said...

aa ahh..cikgu jer saya nii.. ;-)