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Friday, April 9, 2010

Sometime People Don't Realize

There was some time ago I had taught my little boy to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and he very much enjoyed with the song and love it so much even though he don't know to sing it back to you yet (pelat lagi kann) but he know to say the end part of every single line of the song. When I sang to him 'Twinkle twinkle little....' and he would continue 'tarrr' (=star)..

One day guess what..he was writing on his writing board and while his mouth saying out eayyyyy (=A), peeeee (=B)..cheeee (=C)...dheee (=D). I came and took his board and taught him to say those ABC in the singing mode.

Mummy: OK Boboy...look here mummy nyanyi ABC ehhh.. A...B...C...D...E...F...G... (in the ABC song rhythm). Haaaa.....mummy nyanyi camnaaaa......????

Boboy: tee teee taarrr tee taarrrr... (= Twinkle twinkle little star...)

It must be really funny right if I could get the video of the situation..kann.. but so bad I just don't expect it would turn that way..hahahaaa..

Hahahahahaa..Some people might not realize and even me. If we could recall that most of the song that we sang to our little kids is using the same rhythm..for example as happened to the above situation..

I don't know if my little boy might get confused and think think that 'mummy salah nyanyi lagu laa..it should be twinkle twinkle little star but why it sounds as A B C D E F G...????' and therefore he corrected it for his mummy..

Hhummph..tell me readers, what do you think..?????


are_shie said...

hahaha.. good boy boboy.. kejap jer dah pandai macam2..

a'a imma.. starting is like that.. mula2 sambung yg blakang2 jer.."star".. pastu "are".. lama2 dah satu lagu dinyanyinya..

kalau eesya, skrg aku cakap nak nyanyi lagu, siap demand tamau lagu tu.. nak lagu lain.. pastu pandang muka cam aku ni nonsense ke apa mama ni? hahaha.. dah ler dia tu suka ubah lirik lagu lain masuk jadik tune lagi lain..aiyakkk..

Imma said...

haa..tuu laa..mulut mcm makcik2 lah bebel jaa dia..smpi mummy dia nih pon tak paham menda dia nak habaq..

Tp takleh lawan eesya laa..she is even more makcik klu bercakap..kemain lagi..mesti bess ajak sembang..hikhiks..anyway..kem salam mek kecik tuu naa.. :-D